Woke college grads rank behind high school grad Marine in IQ test

by WorldTribune Staff, November 8, 2023

Are college students getting smarter in the age of woke gender studies and trans for Hamas movements?

They certainly think so. In an episode from Jubilee Media’s “Ranking” series, Gen-Z and millennial participants who were asked to rank each other’s intelligence chose a white male Marine with just a high school diploma as the least intelligent of the group.

Individuals with college degrees, including some from prestigious Ivy League institutions, were deemed the most intelligent.

All of the other participants “mocked and ridiculed the uneducated white Marine,” X user End Wokeness noted.

But when it came time to unveil the results of an actual IQ test, the Marine outranked three of the five college grads.

The group’s perceived IQ ranking. All others placed the Marine at number six:

Following the actual IQ test, the Marine is number three:

Zero Hedge noted: “What’s notable, and pay attention, Gen-Zers – you don’t have to go $100k in student debt for a degree that might not improve your intelligence.”

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