Will Jan. 6 ‘Unselect Committee’ screen documentaries? Lindell reminds: There’s much more to this story

by WorldTribune Staff, April 12, 2022

If members of the partisan Jan. 6 Committee wish to see what prompted a deluge of Americans to protest in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, they should check out the documentaries “Rigged” and “2,000 Mules”, former President Donald Trump said.

“Is the Unselect Committee of January 6th going to see the movie that was just released by Citizens United, called ‘Rigged,’ or the movie coming out shortly concerning True the Vote and produced by Dinesh D’souza called ‘2,000 Mules’?” Trump asked in a statement.

Eric Coomer: ‘Don’t worry about the election. Trump is not going to win.’

Professor David Clements, in a Telegram post forwarded by Mike Lindell, also reminded Americans that stuffing ballot boxes, which is prominent in the documentaries, is just part of the “stolen election scheme.”

“The documentary ‘2000 Mules’ is a terrific contribution in understanding a vital part of the election theft process,” Clements wrote. He added:

“However, make no mistake, manipulation of the digital record via information received:

“(1) from poll books (hooked to the Internet);

“(2) from the tabulators (likely hooked to the Internet);

“(3) from tabulator results uploaded to a county clerk election management system (hooked to the Internet), are the chief vulnerabilities being exploited to steal your voices.”

Former tech CEO Joe Oltmann revealed in interviews following the 2020 election that Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer had boasted that he had rigged the vote against President Donald Trump.

On Nov. 13, columnist Michelle Malkin spoke with Oltmann, who said he had infiltrated local Antifa groups in Colorado, and in September 2020 took part in a telephone conference call. He said during that conversation, he heard a man named Eric speak, and another caller referred to him as “Eric, the Dominion guy.” According to Oltmann, another participant in the call asked “What are we going to do if f—ing Trump wins,” to which, according to Oltmann, “Eric” replied “Don’t worry about the election. Trump is not going to win, I made f—ing sure of that. Hahaha.”

Coomer filed lawsuits against 15 organizations and people, including Oltmann and Malkin, for defamation in his home state of Colorado.

In March of this year, police body cam video out of Salida, Colorado showed Coomer continually denying to police that he was responsible for crashing his truck into a building before finally admitting he indeed was behind the wheel.

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In a new Telegram post, Oltmann said that Coomer and his team of lawyers have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars and his business:

“Today, I was told that Eric Coomer’s lawyers are now trying to open a record request of who gained access to the Coomer police video when he hit a building, took some drinks and lied like the psychopath that he is. They want this information so they can punish that person. Much like wanting the info on the Antifa kid who gave me access to the call Coomer was on. That leads me to what the Antifa judge did in punishing me for not showing up to the courthouse to do an illegal deposition.

“Last week I got fined 32k for not giving up the name of the kid, refusing to go to the courthouse where they were trying to arrest me for contempt of court for refusing to answer and lastly putting me in an unsafe situation where I could not have PSD or personally be armed coming or going from the courthouse. They have weaponized the judiciary and their goal is to seek and destroy. This is the evil satanic people who have infected our society and our judiciary. The left wing extremist Antifa judge has broken nearly every procedural rule and law, become the advocate for Coomer while ignoring the massive issues with Coomer’s own admissions.

“So here we are. Deep in the battle of lawfare of the radical left and this evil group. To date, this has cost me more than 500k, my company and the massive amount of slander I have had to endure by the communist leftist media apparatus.”

In September of last year, Coomer was deposed for an hour by Sidney Powell’s attorneys. Coomer had also sued Powell.

The Gateway Pundit reported: “From what we are hearing it was a complete disaster. The Dominion executive came across completely unhinged and angry. That’s when far left Judge Marie Avery Moses stepped in to protect Eric Coomer.”

Moses issued a protective order granting secrecy to Coomer’s deposition.

A source told Gateway Pundit, “The Judge issued this order sua sponte, which means that no one asked her to do this. She just did it on her own the day after Coomer gave a train-wreck deposition in which he was very clearly emotionally unstable, arrogant, and repeatedly failed to give direct answers to questions. He was clearly playing games and his testimony is simply not credible.”

The Gateway Pundit, which was also sued by Coomer, noted that he was “head of Product Strategy and Security for voting systems in 28 presidential election states in 2020, including every swing state, and yet was publicly posting vicious anti-Trump screeds, including the nastiest comments possible against Trump voters whom he called fascists.”

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