Who is the Buffalo shooter? His manifesto vs Big Media narrative

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 16, 2022

Big Media has concocted a false narrative that Payton Gendron, the 18-year-old arrested for the shooting deaths of 10 people in Buffalo, is a Christian conservative who was radicalized by conservative news.

Payton Gendron / Erie County DA

According to Gendron’s 180-page manifesto, he is a self-proclaimed atheist who has denounced conservatism and expressed an affinity for communism.

“Are you a Christian? No,” Gendron wrote on page 7 of the manifesto. “I do not ask God for salvation by faith, nor do I confess my sins to Him. I personally believe there is no afterlife. I do however believe in and practice many Christian values.”

Also on page 7, he wrote: “Are you a facsist? Yes, fascism is one of the only political ideologies that will unite Whites against the replacers. Since that is what I seek, calling me a facsist would be accurate.”

On page 8, he slammed conservatism: “Are you a conservative? No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

On page 9, Gendron explained how his affinity for communism influenced his ideology: “When I was 12, I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that. … On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.”

On page 158, Gendron wrote: “CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD.”

Though the manifesto was widely available as news of the shooting was unfolding, Big Media swiftly and in their usual seeming cooperative mode labeled Gendron a “mainstream Republican.”

More blood on the hands of @tuckercarlson and @foxnews, tweeted Joe Lockart.


In a May 16 op-ed for The Western Journal, Samantha Chang noted: “Anyone trying to link Gendron to conservatives, Republicans or Christians is lying or misinformed. His manifesto makes clear his connections to communist ideology, leftism and atheism.”

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