Who is John Paul Mac Isaac? ‘The Truth’ in his own words

Special to WorldTribune, April 9, 2022

In five short videos merged into one, John Paul Mac Isaac, who once ran a laptop repair shop in Delaware and “slept in my own bed”  tells “The Truth.”

His story is not really about the ultimate hot potato — Hunter Biden’s laptop. Nor does it focus on his abandonment by the FBI, placing him and his family in danger.

Rather it is the story about him and his family and what it really means to be an American citizen.

‘I turned to one of the smartest and most trusted people I know. My Father.’
‘It’s the responsibility of the citizen to sound the alarm when there’s danger. And I saw danger. I remember thinking to myself if I get exposed there’s the potential that I could lose everything. And I thought I would actually be okay with losing everything if the truth got out and I was safe and the people I cared about were safe.’