Where’s the outrage? Even conservative media silent on Swamp shockers

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 11, 2021

The Swamp is overflowing but rather than draining it, many Republicans and “conservative” media are surfing the putrid waters. The smell might be bad, but outside the ‘Beltway’ what matters more are the optics, not to mention the sound bytes.

Actions speak louder than the usual sounds of silence in response to the nonstop noise from the Left on all available channels..

Swampers: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, left, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. / Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call / Getty Images

And there was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at the forefront of the tsunami of slime moving out of D.C. over what was billed the “bipartisan infrastructure” bill.

This was days after Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota had stated publicly he was “grateful” a Capitol Police officer shot Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6.

And yesterday, it actually took a speechwriter for Bernie Sanders to explain that the resignation of disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not have much to do with sexual abuse, a mortal sin mainly for conservative Christian Republicans.

Rather, he explained, the resignation was intended to distract attention from real firing offenses, if not capital crimes, as for example the large but still unspecified number of New York nursing home deaths that resulted from Cuomo’s policies.

Meanwhile, the guy installed in the White House, who had faced down his own allegations of sexual crimes, said Cuomo did a “helluva job” days after calling on him to resign.

But back to McConnell who praised Team Biden on Wednesday for working with Republicans to pass the $1.5 trillion “infrastructure” legislation.

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement: “Nobody will ever understand why Mitch McConnell allowed this non-infrastructure bill to be passed. He has given up all of his leverage for the big whopper of a bill that will follow. I have quietly said for years that Mitch McConnell is the most overrated man in politics — now I don’t have to be quiet anymore. He is working so hard to give Biden a victory, now they’ll go for the big one, including the biggest tax increases in the history of our Country.”

In 2016, McConnell had specifically panned Trump’s idea of a “trillion-dollar stimulus” on infrastructure, noting that “the issue of how to pay for it needs to be dealt with responsibly.”

When it was over, 19 ‘RINO’ Republicans had supported the Democrats’ bill which considers everything from climate to gender identity as “infrastructure.”

Tuesday on Fox News’s “Hannity,” nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin, author of “American Marxism,” referred to the 19 Republicans as “the Madoffs of the Republican Party” and questioned how many were aware of what was in the 2,700-page legislation.

“We choose liberty but the 19 Republicans in the Senate chose tyranny,” Levin said. “Biden chooses tyranny and every single Democrat lockstep is for tyranny. How many people know what’s in that 2,700 page document that just passed today, with the 19 Republicans?”

Levin continued:

“Government by omnibus, massive bills, massive spending, massive deficits, massive expansion of the welfare is tyranny. This isn’t a representative republic anymore. You want to go in and see your congressman and senator? Good luck.

“You want to call them about this bill? What are you going to say? Since it wasn’t released to you. We had 19 Republicans who supported it before the Democrat staffers even finished writing it. The congressional budget office that works for Congress said there’s at least a quarter of a trillion dollars in this that’s not paid for.

“If you were in the private sector running a company and you conducted your accounting business this way you’d go to prison for life. This wouldn’t be a joke. No matter how righteous you sounded.

“These Republican senators — I blame them. They are the Madoffs of the Republican Party. These are McConnell Republicans. They think they’re doing something for the people, they are destroying our currency, they are destroying our finances, they are destroying our economy.”

The 19 Republican senators are:

Roy Blunt of Missouri (not seeking re-election in 2022)
Richard Burr of North Carolina (not seeking re-election in 2022)
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana (not up for re-election until 2026)
Mike Crapo of Idaho (up for re-election in 2022)
Kevin Cramer of North Dakota (not up for re-election until 2024)
Shelley Moore Capito of West Virgins (not up for re-election until 2026)
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana (not up for re-election until 2026)
Susan Collins of Maine (not up for re-election until 2026)
Deb Fischer of Nebraska (not up for re-election until 2024)
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (not up for re-election until 2026)
Chuck Grassley of Iowa (up for re-election in 2022)
John Hoeven of North Dakota (up for re-election in 2022)
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (not up for re-election until 2026)
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (up for re-election in 2022)
Rob Portman of Ohio (not seeking re-election in 2022)
Jim Risch of Idahoo (not up for re-election until 2026)
Mitt Romney of Utah (not up for re-election until 2024)
Dan Sullivan of Alaska (not up for re-election until 2026)
Thom Tillis also of North Carolina (not up for re-election until 2026)
Roger Wicker of Mississippi (not up for re-election until 2024)

Meanwhile, in a recent radio interview one senator on the above list, Cramer, said he not only supported withholding the name of the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt, but described the unarmed Babbitt as a “criminal” and said he was “grateful” the officer shot her.

According to a report by National File, Cramer engaged in the following conversation with a caller to “The Jay Thomas Show”:

“I’m quite sure – this is my gut feeling – that everybody knows the name of the guy that shot her,” the caller said, before asking Cramer to “be the one to leak his name.” Cramer asked the caller, “Why would I do that?” The caller replied that the American people “have a right to know.”

Still refusing to name the officer who killed Babbitt, Cramer told the caller that Babbitt was a “criminal” who was shot for the crime of “not complying with officers,” before again questioning why the American people would need to know the name of the “innocent” officer and eventually claiming that even he, as a United States Senator, has no idea who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt.

“The person that shot her is a police officer shooting a criminal not complying with officers telling her, ‘Stop. Don’t come through that window. We have guns drawn. Don’t do it,’ ” Cramer said.

This statement contradicts one by the family’s attorney who said: “It’s not debatable. There was no warning.” [Lawyer for Babbitt family: Ashli Babbitt was ‘ambushed,’ no command from officer to halt, August 6, 2021]

Cramer wasn’t finished: “They’re protecting people, and the officer was found to be innocent of any wrongdoing. So then what would be the purpose of releasing that officer’s name? What do you need to know the officer’s name for?”

“I don’t need to know it. I don’t know it. Why would you need to know it?” Cramer continued. Refusing to give in, the caller pressed Cramer, drawing comparisons to other highly publicized police shootings in which, regardless of whether or not the officer was charged with any wrongdoing, their names were released to the public.

“For crying out loud, if you shoot an illegal alien we’re going to know that police officer’s name,” the caller told Cramer. “This is a police officer that shot somebody in our capitol and his name is being withheld!” Still, Cramer backed the move not to release the officer’s name, telling the caller that he would look into the laws surrounding the decision before remarking that he is “grateful” for the officer that shot Babbitt. “I’m just grateful for the person quite honestly,” Cramer said as the call was ended.

Finally, WorldTribune.com reported on a no-holds-barred column posted Aug. 10 at Newsweek, David Sirota bluntly called out the rotten core of Democratic machine politics in The Empire State while proclaiming that the problem is bipartisan and endemic in our ruling political class. Andrew Cuomo is not an anomaly, Sirota asserts. He is the norm among elected officials in this nation in 2021.

Sirota wrote:

Cuomo resigned in the wake of Attorney General Letitia James’ report detailing his sexual misconduct. And there’s the ugly truth: If the New York governor had not been a sex pest, he likely would have gotten away with hiding thousands of people’s deaths in nursing homes and shielding his health care industry donors from any liability — all while profiting off a $5 million book deal and being venerated by liberals and corporate media outlets as a shining star.

Cuomo’s departure more than likely ensures that he will never be called to account over the deadly nursing home scandal, Sirota believes:

In fact, unless things suddenly change, Cuomo will still get away with those crimes. With U.S. Attorneys so far declining to prosecute Cuomo on those matters and with New York’s legislature refusing to begin impeachment proceedings on those issues, the federal and state political systems made sure these crimes weren’t considered transgressions at all.

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