Where’s Bill? Dubya hails ‘good friend,’ Hillary a ‘dear lover and colleague’ in emotionally plastic birthday video

by WorldTribune Staff, September 17, 2021

It appears to have gone largely unnoticed amid installed President Joe Biden’s authoritarian coronavirus vaccine mandates, the debacle of Afghanistan and the 20th anniversary of 9/11, but Bill Clinton turned 75 on Aug. 19.

In a Sept. 4 tweet that is pinned atop its Twitter page, the Clinton Foundation marked the occasion by posting a video made in his honor. And what an odd spectacle it is. And by the way, has anyone actually seen Bill lately other than the Brit tabloid photographer who tracked two bedraggled characters said to be Bill and Hill in the Hamptons?

The 10-minute video can be seen here:

You can judge its merits for yourself, but it is hard to miss the creepy vibe in these homages given by a host of aged establishment figures to one of their own. Above all, what appears missing is a genuine touch of human regard for the subject at hand. More than two decades after leaving office, Bill Clinton is still laboring to define himself for the history books, but the one-time leading lights regaling him on video above all seem to be struggling to make an authentic connection to this lifelong political animal.

“Sagging System Stars of Yesteryear Salute a Machine Spoke” would make an apt description. Among the weirdness captured In the video:

Former president George W. Bush appears to show more sincere feeling for Bill than Hillary. Speaking in her usual “Public Hillary” voice, Mrs. Clinton woodenly labels Bill “my dear lover and husband and colleague and everything else” all in the same breath.

Bush is more relaxed, at least, as he addresses Bill as “brother” before praising him as a “good friend and a good man.”

These phrasings are awkwardly thrown in amid a mish-mash of faces from the past seeking to craft yet another new narrative for the Clinton presidency. All of the varied personages exude two similar qualities… comfort and place. A place at a table regular folks do not sit at.

Bono and The Edge of creaky rock super band U2 laud Bill for what they say is his unique ability to work with people from all sides of the political spectrum, even the “crazies.” Bono has developed extensive ties to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Gates over the past two decades in his role as a globalist NGO activist, so it is no surprise seeing him here. But just why his lead guitarist is joining him might spark some interesting ruminations on how hugely successful performers make it to the top in the first place in the big-business world of entertainment.

Powerful Democrat operative John Podesta speaks in similar terms, buttressing the overriding theme of the video that Clinton was the “Cooperator in Chief” who had a rare gift of bringing disparate groups of people together.

“I’ve seen you cooperate with some real doozies,” Podesta chirps. “But I always knew you were doing it ‘cause you were just trying to make people’s lives a little bit better.”

Mick Jagger, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter and Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner make the briefest of appearances, with Jagger in particular exuding all of the warmth of one of those “personal message” videos washed-up celebrities will make for anyone willing to pay a small fee on the Internet today.

The three are tossed in alongside robotic Clinton loyalists Erskine Bowles, Paul Begala and Mack McClarty.

Al Gore is present as well, of course. As are Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair and Gerry Adams. Names that do not mean anything to Americans today.

Happy Birthday, System Man. There was no trace whatever of the young Bill Clinton, the Man From Hope who once claimed to represent the common people. That myth has had to be set aside for good. For our political elites today reside in a world that is galaxies removed from the rest of us.

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