Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Strongman or sucker?

Special to WorldTribune, February 28, 2022

Commentary by Larry Ward

First, I don’t view Russian President Vladimir Putin as a hero or victim, but as a pawn. Western intelligence agencies puppeteered Putin into invading Ukraine.

So, how did KGB Putin get outplayed by the West?

Putin, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush at the state funeral for Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, April 2007. / CC By 4.0

Sure, Putin once lived and breathed spy vs. spy, but he has been a politician in charge of a world power for the last 20 years. Politics attracts ass kissers, inflates one’s self worth, and gets people believing the caricature the world sees them as.

For Putin, it’s the strongman.

While holding power with the KGB strongman mystique, the one thing Putin could not afford was to look weak.

The Western intel made Putin stronger by installing the sock puppet Joe Biden, having the sock puppet kill the Keystone Pipeline (enriching Putin and Russia) and letting the sock puppet bungle the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Putin, with billions in energy profits, saw these odd policy measures as a sign of feeble incompetence and decided the time to challenge NATO’s eastward expansion had arrived. I believe his first move was to bluff.

But the trap had been laid.

Putin brought his military to Ukraine’s doorstep for some saber rattling. That was not new, but the response from the West was.

Western intelligence changed the playbook, and started to “release intel” that Putin was going to attack Ukraine imminently. This is a key point.

Intel agencies DO NOT PUBLISH intel. If they do, it is designed to create a desired response.

​​If Putin backed down to sock puppet Biden, his strongman image and ego would have been irrevocably damaged. Putin attacked in order to avoid being called Pusstin and to preserve the caricature of the Strongman. He had no choice. The global intel was going to call him pusillanimous.

I do not think war was Putin’s first, second or third choice. It is clear he and the Russian military were ill-prepared. That does not absolve him as he chose murder over being called a wuss.

The question central to the Russia-Ukraine conflict is, “WHY did the Western intel want this war?” Here are some reasons I believe this was the desired outcome for the global order:

  • Russia (Putin) is not under control of the global order. He is the last imperialist. He stands in the way of the One World Government. Could you see Putin putting up with World Economic Forum chief Klaus Schwab’s BS? They must come off the board.
  • The Chinese are already on Team NWO — they think they will rule it. The CCP needed to use China’s relationship with Putin to make him feel like he has an ally, but they will not do a damn thing to back Russia up.
  • Biden is going to lose 2022 and 2024, no amount of cheating can hide that fact. COVID was losing its grip. It was time to provoke a new war.
  • The prescribed solution to the Russia aggression is… Cancel Culture. In a few days, the right wing jumped right on canceling vodka, Russian dressing, Russian banking, Russian oil. We will cancel them! Who do you think is next?

In the end, if we are not careful, it will be the globalists as the new Strongmen, and we all will be under their thumbs.

Larry Ward is Chairman of the Constitution Rights PAC and member of the Free Press Foundation Advisory Board.