Virginia mother shreds school board over mask mandate

by WorldTribune Staff, February 7, 2022

Virginia parent Merianne Jensen slammed the Prince William County School Board for its policy of continuing to force young students to wear masks at school.

Merianne Jensen

“There were not child coffins lined up as some educators in this county suggested would be the case,” Jensen said at a recent school board meeting. “In fact, things have been going pretty much as normal. Kids are getting sick despite wearing masks. We are forcing healthy children home for ‘exposure’ despite them wearing masks. And we are segregating children by vaccination status and religious exemption status despite the wearing of masks.”

Jensen quoted CDC data that revealed 49,000 Americans under the age of 18 have died of all causes during the pandemic, and only 331 of those deaths have been “Covid-related.” Jensen asserted that the Covid-related deaths in children were fewer than those who died from heart disease, cancer, suicide, homicide, and drowning.

“Yet we have turned kids’ lives upside down at school for what is essentially a non-risk,” she said. “We play politics with kids faces by placing restrictive fabrics over their noses and mouths.”

Other parents at the school board meeting erupted in applause after Jensen asked one simple question: “So I ask you, if masks work, why don’t they?”

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