Vanishing act: Kevin Spacey said living large, at large

by WorldTribune Staff, November 18, 2018

Actor Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 30 men, is variously rumored to be living as a hermit in the Cook Islands, moving about in disguise and living it up in France.

Like the real life denizens of the Washington, D.C. “swamp” and the fictional one he portrayed in House of Cards, the once-beloved celebrity actor is intent on beating the rap and riding out the scandal under the radar while plotting a long term comeback, according to Hollywood watchers.

Spacey’s vanishing act “may be his best coup de théâtre so far,” the Daily Mail noted in a Nov. 17 report.

“Nothing has been seen or heard of the double Oscar-winning actor since the first allegations emerged” in October 2017.

The last known photos of Spacey are “fuzzy shots” taken at a 45-day sex addiction rehab clinic last year where the former House of Cards star checked out after only 21 days.

While he has not been seen since, the Daily Mail reported that several associates claim to know Spacey’s whereabouts:

  • One well-connected British socialite who knew Spacey during his Old Vic days insists that he is living in seclusion in the Cook Islands, a string of 15 tiny islands in the middle of the South Pacific. “He’s living as a hermit in the Cook Islands,” she said. “He’s keeping his head down until this blows over.”
  • A source who worked on House Of Cards insists Spacey is in hiding in the South of France “living on a big estate. He’s been working out like crazy, doing massive oil paintings and keeping a low profile.”
  • One source said Spacey “is traveling under his real name of Kevin Fowler. He’s spent his life transforming himself into other characters – why not now?”
  • Another former associate suggested Spacey is “hiding in plain sight” in a rented ranch in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles which recently suffered a double tragedy of a mass shooting and a wildfire. “Kevin’s been staying at a friend’s place in Thousand Oaks,” the associate said. “He’s become a hermit and never goes out.”
  • Spacey’s brother, Randy, a limo driver and professional Rod Stewart impersonator from Boise, Idaho, believes Kevin “is living on an island in the middle of nowhere” while still satisfying his personal needs. “My brother is a narcissist. I truly believe he has no shame,” Randy said.

The Mail cited a well-informed source in the film industry as saying Spacey has a two-year plan to rehabilitate himself.

“It will be done in carefully managed stages, which will begin with friends starting to talk positively about him,” the report said. “Then, the actor will accept a small cameo role in a prestigious movie.”

A woman who has worked with Spacey for 40 years explained: “Kevin hasn’t been charged with anything” and his comeback is already being discussed. “First you will get celebrity friends saying, ‘He’s not so bad’ and then he will accept a small role in an Oscar-contending movie which will showcase his talents and remind everyone what a fabulous actor he is.”

The woman continued: “If Mel Gibson [who infamously made anti-Semitic comments during a drunken tirade] can be forgiven, then why can’t Kevin? Harvey Weinstein is facing criminal charges. It’s been a year and no criminal case has been brought against Kevin.”

The plan may have begun. A website,, is backed by an active Facebook page and is filled with supportive messages from fans, the Daily Mail report said.

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