Untainted by ties to laptop and Soros, Blinken flies to Denver to help WEF weaponize cities

Special to WorldTribune.com, May 3, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

Antony Blinken, the Biden administration Secretary of State whose deep-rooted family ties to George Soros go back decades, last week was tasked to perform yet another service on behalf of a cause cherished by the infamous nation-destroying globalist and “philanthropist.”

As news broke that it was Blinken who had orchestrated the crafting of an infamous letter signed by 51 intel officials before the 2020 presidential election suggesting that the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell was Russian disinformation, an egregious weaponization of U.S. intelligence agencies for political means, little to no attention was given to his trip to Colorado on April 27-28.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers the keynote address at the 2023 Cities Summit of the Americas.

Blinken traveled to Denver to give the keynote address at the 2023 Cities Summit of the Americas, a State Department-sponsored globalist gathering touted by the World Economic Forum, a known Soros front group, and other trans-nationalist radicals.

Gun control, “welcoming migrants” and climate change were among the leading causes championed on the official agenda. Major corporate sponsorship was plentiful. Listed sponsors included Amazon, AT&T, PepsiCo, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Walmart.

The World Economic Forum expressed its enthusiasm over the summit and its efforts to cultivate ways in which cities can be utilized to push massive Third World migration. The following, for example, is from an article posted on the WEF website co-authored by Barranquilla, Colombia Mayor Jaime Pumarejo and Mayors Migration Council Executive Director Vittoria Zanuso:

Most of the world’s migrants and refugees move to cities in pursuit of employment and a safe place to call home.

Mayors across the globe understand that migration isn’t a crisis to be solved, but rather an opportunity to unlock the potential of newcomers to contribute to the economic, civic and cultural life of their cities.

While national governments debate border and visa regimes, the world’s mayors are creating investment-ready projects for migrant and refugee inclusion.

In 2019, World Tribune documented “The Soros plan to weaponize cities, destroy the nation state.” We noted that the Mayors Migration Council:

“…is a new initiative to help cities have their voices and interests reflected in international deliberations and policies concerning refugees and migrants,” the organization states on its website. The logo of Soros’s Open Society Foundations is prominently featured at the bottom of the front page of the site.

An April 28 tweet from the organization says it all. This is why Antony Blinken flew to Denver:

Blinken’s official remarks during his keynote address make clear that he wants to use cities to elevate international collectivism at the expense of national sovereignty:

We’re hosting the Cities Summit of the Americas because our collective ability to deliver for our people and to tackle global issues depends on all of you. It’s as simple and as straightforward as that. And we look forward to continuing to elevate your voices in every dimension of our work in the hemisphere, including at the Tenth Summit of the Americas that’ll be hosted by the Dominican Republic. And it’s also why we plan for this to be the first but not the last of many Cities Summits to come.

Blinken used the Colombian city of Bogota to illustrate how cities are to be the spearheads of mass migration. This is the plan for, and indeed, what is now happening, in America today:

Back at the Summit of the Americas, we came together to try to address what is an unprecedented migration challenge across our hemisphere through something we called the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, which reflected the first truly regional approach to the issue. Twenty-one countries agreed that we have a shared responsibility to tackle the migration challenge together, and they agreed on a shared set of principles and priorities, among them expanding protections for migrants who are at risk.

So under the leadership of Mayor Claudia López, someone I’ve had the great pleasure of working with on many occasions – she’s here with us today, Bogotá has been putting this principle into practice since last year.

I had a chance to visit last time I was in Colombia one of the city’s pioneering migration integration facilities, which offers basically a one-stop-shop where people get a Temporary Protected Status card, they get connected to jobs, they get connected to schools, they get to sign up for essential services like health care.

Of course, the borderless multicultural new world must have its designated enemies. They will be dealt with in a truly Orwellian manner, Blinken related:

And thanks to the leadership of Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes, more than 45 cities also launched the Anti-Racist Cities Network, through which cities will share best practices for promoting equity and inclusion in our societies. Discrimination robs democracies, including ours in the United States, of the strength, the innovation, the creativity of so many of our citizens, which is exactly what we need to more effectively face the challenges of our time. And that’s why efforts like this one are really important in empowering our full populations.

Houston, Texas is already working to be a part of this Soviet-sounding initiative:

April 25, 2023 – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner accepted a key to the city of Rio de Janeiro and voiced support for the Anti-Racist Cities Network during a cordial and productive meeting with Rio’s Mayor, the Honorable Eduardo da Costa Paes. The City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will partner with other cities later this week to launch the Anti-Racist Cities Network, advancing municipal collaboration to help dismantle systemic, structural, and institutional racism.

A State Department primer on the summit highlighted an internationalist pact soaked in the Soros-Biden loaded language of “defending democracy”:

Global Declaration of Mayors for Democracy: This declaration affirms an unwavering commitment by mayors from across the hemisphere to promote democracy, free and fair elections, and defend rule of law at all levels. Approaching the one-year mark of this effort, over 20 mayors globally have signed this declaration.

We reported on the Global Declaration in January. It is dedicated to “addressing global challenges” through inter-connected cities at the international level.

Another notable cheerleader for the Cities Summit could be found at Bloomberg News.

That’s no surprise, as multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg has long pushed the idea of cities developing their own foreign policy with no regard for the nation at large.

Here is the telling headline and subhead at Bloomberg News to its article previewing the summit:

City Leaders Finally Get an ‘Open Door’ to US Foreign Diplomacy

A new State Department initiative signals federal recognition of cities as increasingly crucial and experienced players in US foreign policy.

The article clearly reveals that this is a network in action:

Cities have gotten increasingly well-organized on the global stage,” says Ian Klaus, founding director of Carnegie California and an expert on subnational diplomacy who has served as a senior advisor for global cities at the State Department. (He has also been a contributor to Bloomberg CityLab). “They share policies, and they work within these networks as a single voice, which is a pretty important historical development on the power of networks in the last 10, 20 years.”

As we wrote back in 2019, Soros via his Open Society Foundations and Bloomberg are among the big-money goliaths heavily promoting this new power dynamic:

A second “strategic dialogue” session [at the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit] titled “Cities & Global Migration: Innovation, Partnership & Leadership, was “chaired by Dr. Colleen Thouez, Director of Welcoming & Integrated Societies Division at Open Society Foundations.”


“The session made clear that cities, as global centers of migration, have started to look to each other for support in the face of restrictive national policies, and there is a call for increased collaboration.”

We noted that Michael Bloomberg:

…himself wrote in a 2015 piece for Foreign Affairs magazine of the dawning of a new age of ascendancy for the major cities of the world, terming it the time of the “Metropolitan Generation.”

“As those in the Metropolitan Generation assume leadership positions, cities will become not just more culturally significant but also more politically powerful,” Bloomberg wrote. “Influence will shift gradually away from national governments and toward cities, especially in countries that suffer from bureaucratic paralysis and political gridlock.”

Here’s the Soros-funded Mayor’s Migration Council linking to Michael Bloomberg’s CityLab venture and proclaiming a “New World Order” of international governance led by cities:

It has been said that Antony Blinken is George Soros’s servant inside the State Department. This is an example of his work product.

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