Unreported: Democrat Party ‘bird-doggers’ and Jan. 6

by WorldTribune Staff, November 29, 2023

It has been widely reported that Capitol Police, Metropolitan D.C. Police, and the FBI had undercover agents and/or confidential human sources in the crowd at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Republicans being accused of inciting an “insurrection” was also a hot topic in many a legacy news report. Thus far, however, the Democrat Party has escaped scrutiny.

Was Emanuel Jackson ‘bird-dogging’ for Democrats on J6? / Video Images

“It shouldn’t have,” Jack Cashill wrote in a Nov. 29 op-ed for American Thinker.

In doing research for a book on J6, Cashill notes how he became aware of a Democrat Party tactic know as “bird-dogging” and “came across the curious case of Emanuel Jackson.”

In his book “American Pravda”, James O’Keefe details “birg-dogging,” which is the Democrat Party’s practice of using homeless people to cause disorder.

In 2016, Democrat operative Scott Foval told a Project Veritas undercover journalist how bird-dogging works: “I’m saying we have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit. Make no mistake. Over the last twenty years, I’ve paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff, and I’ve also taken them for dinner, and I’ve also made sure they had a hotel and a shower, and I put them in a program.”

Foval said Democrats used “bird-doggers” to cause disturbances at Trump rallies that the media inevitably blamed on Trump. Carrying signs with unsubtle slurs like “Trump is Hitler,” these mentally challenged people were rewarded for provoking fights.

“So the term ‘bird-dogging,’ you put people in the line, at the front, which means that they have to get there at six in the morning because they have to get in front at the rally,” said Foval. “So that when Trump comes down the rope line, they’re the one asking him the question in front of the reporter, because they’re pre-placed there.”

Foval said Hillary Clinton knew of his disruptive practices and approved.

Which brings us to Emanuel Jackson.

News4 in Washington showed a clip of Jackson, who reports described after his arrest as homeless and mentally ill, wielding a baseball bat and swinging it at police officers in a crowded tunnel on the Capitol’s west side.

“It’s as violent as any recorded act I’ve seen a protester commit,” Cashill noted.

The Department of Justice charged Jackson with two counts of “assault on a federal officer while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon” and one count “of unlawful entry on restricted building or grounds while armed with a dangerous or deadly weapon.” [Editor’s note: There are no reports on whether Jackson has been sentenced.]

But, Cashill continued, “for all its obvious criminality, however, the media allowed Jackson to vanish into the ether. His being black hurt his odds of being chosen as a J6 poster boy. His being so obvious a patsy killed his chances altogether. Jackson is not a free agent. When interviewed at the Capitol, likely by a protester, Jackson mumbled incoherently that he was ‘fighting for America’ and that he feels ‘we are being taken over by globalists, the Chinese.’ ”

Chief judge Beryl A. Howell ordered Jackson’s release to home detention. The Inner City Press paraphrases Howell as saying, “Mr. Jackson is friendly. Out of nowhere, he joined in the riot on January 6. He had a bat placed in his hands. He’ll pay a serious price for that. The defense says supportive housing is awaiting.”

Cashill added: “The question remains: who gave Jackson the bat? It is likely the same entity that drove him to the rally and told him what to say.”

Cashill continued; “Bird-dogging has no value unless the media are there to record it and report it. Not surprisingly, News4 in Washington secured a copy of security and body camera video the day Jackson was set free. Although his release made no impact on the news, the video did. The chyron reads, ‘Videos released to News4 show local man Feds say attacked Capitol officers with bat.’ It does not appear, however, that Jackson struck anything other than the extended shields of the officers.”

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