UCLA doc’s full court press to jab young kids despite all evidence to the contrary

Special to WorldTribune, May 3, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

On May 1, the Los Angeles Times ran a truly unhinged op-ed by UCLA medical school professor and ears, nose and throat doctor Nina Shapiro on the desperate need to get the youngest of kids jabbed up:

But the reality is, having a vaccine available to young kids is the only way for us to even begin to get close to COVID being endemic. Infected children spread this illness to vulnerable elders, immunosuppressed playmates and, clearly, to one another. Moderna’s recent data add to the wealth of evidence showing that vaccines provide a critical layer of prevention. Until every age group has access to this protection — which also helps shield their larger communities — we’re kidding ourselves that we have a handle on COVID as a regular, predictable illness.

Even though she admits:

Will authorizing vaccines for our littlest humans lead us straight to coveted endemicity? Probably not, from a numbers standpoint. One of the challenges of studying COVID vaccines in the younger population is that, thankfully, young children rarely become severely ill, get hospitalized or die from infection. So to prove that a vaccine minimizes such risks in a population already at relatively low risk has been a significant challenge.

Yes, getting patients to undergo completely unnecessary and risky medical procedures is a challenge – to basic common sense.

Instead of anything approaching an apology or even an acknowledgment of the false hysteria that pushed the rushed, experimental jabs, Shapiro chooses defiance:

Meanwhile, physicians should remain resolute in our message that we recommend and give vaccines to protect our patients and the public, full stop. Though distrust of doctors and the pharmaceutical industry increasingly trumps this statement, we remain a direct point of contact for patients, and we’re in a position to tell them the truth about vaccines. For kids just as for adults, even in year three of the pandemic, that truth still matters.

In a direct contradiction of the above paragraph on the risk posed to children by COVID, Shapiro tweeted in November:

This propaganda line, no longer being tenable, Shapiro has now shifted her argument to asserting that kids are ideal super-spreaders of the virus. Hey, it may get a few more bodies inoculated.

Shapiro is a credentialed professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

As WorldTribune noted in May 2021:

UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine is a partner of VaxTeen. Entertainment mogul Geffen has given hundreds of millions to the UCLA school of medicine that bears his name. A 2019 USA Today article reveals that:

Over the years Geffen, a founding member of the DreamWorks SKG film studio, has donated a total of more than $450 million to UCLA.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also lavishly funds Geffen School. In 2018, it gave $2.3 million to one program alone.

In a re-post of an article from Get Science on its corporate website titled “There’s No ‘I’ in Drug Development” Pfizer revealed it has partnered with the Geffen School to help develop pharmaceutical product:

In the private realm, Pfizer researchers discovered a selective inhibitor of specific CDKs (4 and 6), and began working to see if it could help delay the progression of cancer. Pfizer provided material and funding to labs at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine and the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program to test the compound’s efficacy.

In short, UCLA is in bed with Big Pharma. And Dr. Shapiro is one of its most vocal cheerleaders. Last September, Shapiro spoke out against a UCLA medical colleague who objected to being forced to get vaccinated or lose his job. The university’s campus newspaper reported:

Dr. Nina Shapiro, a professor of head and neck surgery at the School of Medicine and the director of pediatric otolaryngology at Mattel Children’s Hospital, said vaccine misinformation from doctors could be extremely dangerous.

“We as a health care community… were some of the earliest in the country to have access to it,” Shapiro said. “To twist that into a negative – especially when you know one of the main reasons why we are in this disastrous delta (variant-driven surge) is due to slow vaccine acceptance in the community – and spewing this misinformation is frankly deadly.”

In October she called for the firings of all schoolteachers who refused to get jabbed:

Fanning COVID hysteria as a way to push mass vaccination seems to have been her bag. In August she ridiculously tweeted:

Today we know, as Shapiro herself writes in her L.A. Times op-ed, that most children do not become seriously ill from COVID.

Nevertheless, Dr. Shapiro really wants to get kids jabbed… and, interestingly enough, apparently with one particular corporate vaccine:

It should come as little surprise that the Geffen School is rife with Wokeness. The school has a truly Orwellian take on the fashionable “anti-racism” initiatives now making their way through the academic and corporate world.

At UCLA Med, an “anti-racism roadmap” details all the ways students, staffers, doctors… heck everybody… can inform on each other:

UCLA has a robust system of reporting and support resources for those in need of guidance, counseling or resolution services. Use this webpage to navigate the different options available to you, which range from confidential counseling and anonymous reporting to mental health support and emergency services.

Under “Staff Member” options include the following categories:

To discuss or report a matter related to discrimination or harassment.

To discuss or report a micro-aggression/unprofessional behavior.

To discuss or anonymously report a matter related to sexual violence, sexual harassment and /or discrimination on the basis of gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

A “Roadmap Focus Areas” page explains the “Education and Training” that will be required of all personnel:

Require anti-racism training during first six months of onboarding new staff, faculty and trainees.

Require annual subset of anti-racism trainings for all DGSOM community members….

The “Research” section is even more disturbing. Basic facts of nature are to be disavowed in the name of racial justice:

Recognize that the designation of race is a social construct in clinical trials

A heading titled “Curricular enhancement (MD, GME, Graduate, and Postdoctoral training)” pledges to:

Develop an advisory committee to include experts in critical race theory, social justice, bias and health disparities (including faculty outside of the school of medicine).

Advisory committee will review and recommend curricular changes with regards to social justice, health equity and racism in medicine (will span content revisions, basic science lectures, PBL and doctoring cases, placements for clinical experiences, classroom methods, teacher training, and associated curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities).

It never fails. Side-by-side with the worst kind of bullying, coercion and fear-mongering there is to be found, the empty, soulless language of the progressive social activist.

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