UAE’s new ‘Minister of Happiness’ one of 8 women in cabinet

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The United Arab Emirates has named an official “Minister of Happiness” who will be tasked with creating “social good and satisfaction.”

UAE Minister of Happiness Ohood Al Roumi
UAE Minister of Happiness Ohood Al Roumi

UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid appointed Ohood Al Roumi to the post as he announced his new Cabinet on Feb. 10. Al Roumi is one of eight women in the new Cabinet.

Mohammed, a British-educated businessman and technocrat who launched Emirates Airline in 1985, said he aims to make UAE “one of the best countries in the world” within five years.

Al Roumi will “align and drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction,” said Mohammed. “Happiness in the UAE is not just a hope, there will plans, projects, programs and indicators.”

Al Roumi will also retain he current position as director general of the prime minister’s office. She was formerly head of economic policy for the UAE emirate of Dubai. The World Bank ranks UAE as the sixth richest country in the world,

Mohammed has pledged to make happiness “part of our lifestyle” in the UAE.