U.S. Islamic scholar, a Harvard alum, praises Brunei’s death penalty for homosexuals

by WorldTribune Staff, April 3, 2019

Brunei did the right thing when it amended its Sharia penal code to include the death penalty for “rectum-sex enthusiasts,” an American scholar of Islam said.

“If you have had a rough week or are feeling down in the dumps, I have just the news to cheer you up. The Muslim country of Brunei is implementing hudud to crack down on sodomites and fornicators!” Daniel Haqiqatjou wrote on his website MuslimSkeptic. In Islam, hudud is “punishment mandated by God.”

Daniel Haqiqatjou

Brunei on April 3 instituted updates to its Sharia penal code which make homosexual sex and adultery punishable by stoning to death.

Haqiqatjou, who was born in Houston, Texas and is a Harvard alumnus, added that “The Sharia protects all of our rights, individually and communally. When rectum-sex enthusiasts are allowed to promote their gender-bending degeneracy openly, that deeply harms all of us.”

Haqiqatjou is also founder of the Alasna Institute, which, according to its website, “educates Muslims on how to address doubts and how to gain real intellectual confidence and conviction in Islam.” Alasna Institute has been featured in articles by CNN, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera and The Atlantic.

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In his post on MuslimSkeptic, Haqiqatjou urged other Muslim countries to follow Brunei’s lead on Sharia law. He also mocked politicians and celebrities such as George Clooney who are proposing boycotts of Brunei-owned hotels and businesses.

“By the way, how silly that these Western politicians and celebrities can’t stand it that a Muslim country implements the Sharia,” Haqiqatjou wrote. “They are frothing with anger. Isn’t it great?”

Haqiqatjou also suggested that Muslims from western nations visit Brunei and consider attending public canings so that they could learn what is, in his view, the proper way to implement Sharia.

“I think Muslims need to counteract any boycott by making Brunei their next vacation destination spot,” Haqiqatjou wrote. “Maybe some of these expensive spiritual tourism tours led by shuyukh can make Brunei the next go-to site, maybe attend a caning or two so Western Muslims can experience first hand what implementing hudud actually means. Just a thought.”

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