Twitter thread on ‘Roof Koreans’ of LA riots hails Second Amendment importance

by WorldTribune Staff, April 29, 2019

Amid the anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, a new thread on Twitter celebrates the efforts of Korean store owners who armed themselves to protect their property.

The store owners, who became known as “Roof Koreans”, are a testament to the importance of the Second Amendment, according to an anonymous Twitter user who posts under the handle “AsianJ86”.

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From April 29 to May 4 in 1992, buildings were burned and stores looted in rioting which followed the Rodney King verdict.

The Twitter poster began by describing how Korean-American citizens were initially being targeted by the rioters.

“Koreans were savagely attacked, while their businesses and homes were looted and burned. They did what good citizens do, they called the police and they waited for help. Unfortunately, police were stretched thin and were also being targeted for violence.”

“So, what do good American citizens do when the police can’t or won’t help them and hordes of armed looters are descending upon them? They become peak American citizens by exercising their God given and constitutionally protected rights,” the thread continued. “Unfortunately for the rioters, most of these fine Americans were legal immigrants from Korea. As such, many of them had fulfilled Korea’s mandatory service obligations prior to earning American citizenship and took to the 2nd amendment like beef to bulgogi.”

The thread continued: “Outraged at the attack against their prosperous, law abiding community and abandoned by law enforcement, they gathered their arms and ammunition.”

“From the rooftops, these legends protected each other’s property, homes, and lives.”

The Twitter thread gave massive props to two members of the Roof Koreans, David Joo and Richard Park.

“David, Richard, and their fellow citizens had to do some on-the-spot soul searching. Yeah they could run for their lives. But what’s life worth if you abandon everything you’ve spent your life toiling for, the existence you’ve sweated and labored for, in the face of danger?”

The thread continued: “Car loads of armed rioters and gang members made several assaults on the Roof Koreans in an effort to kill them or drive them out of the city but were unable to intimidate or defeat these law abiding civil right exercising champions of the American Dream.”

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The tread continued: “Over 5 days, more than 1000 buildings in the LA area were destroyed, and over a billion dollars worth of damage done. But guess which communities endured the storm with minimal damage and injury? That’s right. The store David and Richard fought from still stands today.”

The thread went on to stress the importance of the Second Amendment:

“Brave Americans refused to surrender their lives and livelihoods to an outraged and murderous horde. They defended themselves exercising the very right a new outrage mob is trying to intimidate, lie, and bully you into surrendering for some illusion of safety.

“Don’t let those people cheat, trick, or scare you into surrendering your right to effectively protect yourself, your loved ones, your home, your business, your way of life.

“We aren’t responsible for mass shootings, murder, or suicides. Neither are our weapons. You are your own best defense. Don’t let weak cowards scare you into giving up the best tools for that responsibility.

“And if you want to deprive me of my rights, come and take them.”

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