Twitter counters tweets on Detroit News endorsement of John James

by WorldTribune Staff, October 25, 2020

Twitter does not want voters to know that The Detroit News has endorsed GOP Senate candidate John James.

On Thursday, the newspaper endorsed James over Democrat incumbent Sen. Gary Peters.

Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James

“It is an honor to have the endorsement of one of Michigan’s most prestigious and well-read publications,” James said in response to the endorsement. “Our state and nation are currently at a crossroads, and Michigan has the choice between a combat veteran or a career politician, a war fighter or a gaslighter. It’s time for Michigan to have effective leadership in the Senate where no voice will be left out.”

Unhappy with the endorsement, Twitter issued a warning to users who attempt to share the Detroit News story, saying that headlines “don’t tell the full story.” The platform suggests that users read the article before they re-tweet it.

“Why is Twitter placing an unnecessary warning on the story? Is it because John James, an African American Republican, is polling well in the race and could win, and his victory could decide which party will control the Senate?” Matt Margolis, author of “Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trump”, wrote for PJ Media.

The Detroit News Editorial Board wrote in its endorsement: “Michigan would gain increased influence and better representation for its people in the U.S. Senate by electing John James. It would also send to the Senate a natural leader who could well become one of the chamber’s most powerful members.”

“Leadership is in James’ DNA,” the editorial board wrote. “He helped lead his family’s successful auto supply business. As an Army Ranger pilot, he led soldiers in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. And he promises to become a leader of the Senate, while bringing to the body the unique perspective of a Black Republican.”

“We believe John James has the potential to become an influential senator who, while putting Michigan first, will also speak for a group of Americans who are greatly underrepresented in the Senate,” the editorial board added.

The editors said that Peters has been “a predictable vote for the Democratic leadership, offering little to set himself apart,” and that “he has backed the Democratic Senate leadership on nearly every key vote in his first term, including opposing three well-qualified Supreme Court nominees. He cannot be counted on to check his party’s worst ambitions.”

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