Tucker Carlson: NY Times threatening to ‘reveal where I live’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 21, 2020

In the closing segment of his Monday night broadcast, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said The New York Times was planning to write an article and publish photos revealing the location of his new home.

Carlson said he believed the Times’ intent is “to hurt us, to injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them.”

“They hate my politics. They want this show off the air,” Carlson said. “If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won’t consider it collateral damage. They know it’s the whole point of the exercise, to inflict pain on our family, to terrorize us, to control what we say. That’s the kind of people they are.”

Carlson said that, last week, the Times “began working on a story about where my family and I live. As a matter of journalism, there is no conceivable justification for a story like that. The paper is not alleging we’ve done anything wrong and we haven’t. We pay our taxes. We like our neighbors. We’ve never had a dispute with anyone.”

In November 2018, a mob organized by the Antifa group Smash Racism DC revealed Carlson’s former address, then sent rioters to his home while he was at work and his wife was home alone.

“They vandalized our home,” Carlson said. “They threatened my wife. She called 911 while hiding in a closet. A few weeks later they showed up again at our house. For the next year, they sent letters to our home threatening to kill us. We tried to ignore it. It felt cowardly to sell our home and leave. We raised our kids there in the neighborhood and we loved it. But in the end, that’s what we did. We have four children. It just wasn’t worth it.”

Carlson continued: “But The New York Times followed us. The paper has assigned a political activist called Murray Carpenter to write a story about where we are now. They’ve hired a photographer called Tristan Spinski to take pictures. Their story about where we live is slated to run in the paper this week.”

Carlson wondered how New York Times employees would feel if his show “put pictures of their homes on the air.”

“What if we publicize the home address of every one of the soulless robot editors of The New York Times who assigned and managed this incitement to violence against my family?” he asked. “We know who they are. Would that qualify as journalism? We doubt they’d consider it journalism. They’d call it criminal behavior if we did it, and that tells you everything.”

Cernovich: NY Times publishes justifications for ‘domestic terrorism’

The leftist mob is enjoying glowing coverage from The New York Times, Mike Cernovich, producer of Hoaxed, said on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“When someone tweets out that the Portland Police Association building was a well-chosen target, and burning was a justified act of protest against a valid target, that’s literally advocating domestic terrorism,” Cernovich said.

“It’s not hard to realize what is going to happen to us if the far left takes power,” added Cernovich. “Is your house going to be a proper target according to these people? Well, they’re saying that some targets can be firebombed. Some targets can be burned down, and that’s where people really need to wake up. This isn’t a joke.”

Listen to the full interview with Cernovich here

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