Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin: ‘A conversation’, not ‘a talk show’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News February 8, 2024

There is much that was newsworthy in Tucker Carlson’s Feb. 6, 2024 interview with Russia’s Vladimir Putin who was clearly prepared to take advantage of the opportunity to give a perspective on the Russia-Ukraine conflict that has been suppressed by the West.

Given the intensity of the 2024 propaganda war, readers really interested in making up their own minds should set aside 2 hours to watch it in full [see link, below].

Tucker Carlson and Vladimir in the Kremlin at the conclusion of their interview.

Following however are a few key quotes from what Putin at the outset suggested would be “a conversation” and not “a talk show” and which ranged from history to the intelligence “services” to  faith. [Carlson showed no reaction when Putin said he heard Carlson had much earlier sought to join the CIA and “thank God” they had not taken him.]

Tucker Carlson: “I think you’re saying you want a negotiated settlement to what’s happening in Ukraine.”

Vladimir Putin: “Right … We were ready to sign it and the war would have been over long ago, 18 months ago…”

Putin on his chances of winning the propaganda war: “The United States controls all the world’s media and many European media.”

Putin said former President Bill Clinton seemed open when he asked about joining NATO. That changed after Clinton consulted with unknown officials. Putin: “I asked the question: Is it possible or not? And the answer I got was no.”

Putin on the U.S. dollar: “You know, to use the dollar as a tool of foreign policy struggle is one of the biggest strategic mistakes made by the U.S. political leadership. The dollar is the cornerstone of the United States power. I think everyone understands very well that no matter how many dollars are printed, they’re quickly dispersed all over the world. Inflation in the United States is minimal. It’s about 3 or 3.4%, which is, I think, totally acceptable for the U.S. But they won’t stop printing. What does the debt of $33 trillion tell us about? ….. Nevertheless, it is the main weapon used by the United States to preserve its power across the world. As soon as the political leadership decided to use the U.S. dollar as a tool of political struggle, a blow was dealt to this American power. I would not like to use any strong language, but it is a stupid thing to do and a grave mistake.”

Full Interview


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