Trump turns up the heat on the GOP in Congress . . . and the ‘media’ . . . and Senate Democrats

by WorldTribune Staff, September 25, 2023

In a rapid-fire tutorial, former President Donald Trump published a series of social media posts on Sunday, calling on Republicans in Congress to recognize that much more is at stake for the nation than just the budget showdown.

‘Why doesn’t the FBI raid Senate Democrat’s homes like they illegally raided Mar-a-Lago.’

“Close the Border, stop the Weaponization of ‘Justice,’ and End Election Interference,” he said. “It’s time Republicans learned how to fight!”

As for the budget fight, he noted, “The Republicans lost big on Debt Ceiling, got NOTHING, and now are worried that they will be BLAMED for the Budget Shutdown. Wrong!!! Whoever is President will be blamed, in this case, Crooked (as Hell!) Joe Biden! Our Country is being systematically destroyed by the Radical Left Marxists, Fascists and Thugs.”

Turning to the complicity of the social-corporate media monolith in the national crisis, Trump said Comcast “with its one-side and vicious coverage by NBC NEWS, and in particular MSNBC, often and correctly referred to as MSDNC (Democrat National Committee!), should be investigated for its ‘Country Threatening Treason’.”

The Trump tutorial continued on the indictment of Sen. Menendez which many Swamp observers have noted is a convenient distraction from the real scandal which is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Senate Democrats should all resign based on Senator Bob Menendez! They all knew what was going on, and the way he lived. Why doesn’t the FBI raid Senate Democrat’s homes like they illegally raided Mar-a-Lago, where nothing was done wrong based on the Presidential Records Act. Menendez is a “piker” compared to some of those Election Stealing THUGS. Can you imagine how much Crooked Joe Biden has stolen, and what’s in some of his many homes?

The Trump anti-Swamp missile was of course banned by the nation’s Orwellian big box media and overlooked by the “conservative” outlets. But it was likely heard loud and clear by the new and powerful base of the Republican Party.

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