Trump singles out Victoria Nuland, ‘National Security Industrial Complex’ for WWIII threat

by WorldTribune Staff, February 22, 2023

The “National Security Industrial Complex” that has pushed the United States closer than ever toward World War III must be dismantled, former President Donald Trump says in a new 2024 campaign video.

“For decades, we’ve had the very same people, such as (Under Secretary of State) Victoria Nuland, and many others just like her, obsessed with pushing Ukraine toward NATO, not to mention the State Department support for uprisings in Ukraine,” Trump said.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland / C-SPAN

Nuland has since her days as U.S. ambassador to NATO during President George W. Bush’s second term, supported NATO’s expansion all the way up to Russia’s border.

As a key national security figure in the Obama administration, Nuland was a key player in the U.S. plot at the time to overthrow Ukraine’s elected government.

Last week, Nuland said Team Biden supports Ukrainian strikes on military targets in the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula.

“Russia has turned Crimea into a massive military installation…those are legitimate targets, Ukraine is hitting them, and we are supporting that,” Nuland told the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. “No matter what the Ukrainians decide about Crimea in terms of where they choose to fight, etcetera, Ukraine is not going to be safe unless Crimea is at a minimum demilitarized.”

In response, Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, accused the U.S. of inciting Ukraine “to further escalate the war.”

“These people have been seeking confrontation for a long time, much like the case in Iraq, and other parts of the world. And now, we’re teetering on the brink of World War III and a lot of people don’t see it, but I see it. And I’ve been right about a lot of things,” Trump says in the campaign video.

“We need to clean house of all the warmongers and America Last globalists in the deep state, the Pentagon, the State Department and the National Security Industrial Complex,” Trump said.

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The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam noted on Feb. 21 that Trump critics ignore the “clear evidence of malicious electoral malpractice in 2020, which was specifically designed to stymie the 45th President’s efforts to complete the task of fundamentally altering Washington.”

Trump addressed this in his new video message:

“Over our four years in the White House, we made incredible progress in putting the ‘America Last’ contingent aside and bringing the world to peace. And now we’re going to complete the mission. The State Department, Pentagon and national security establishment will be a very different place by the end of my administration. In fact, just into my administration, it’ll be a very different place.

“And it’ll get things done just like I did four years ago. We never had it so good, will also stop the lobbyists and the big defense contractors from going in and pushing our senior military and national security officials toward conflict, only to reward them when they retire with lucrative jobs getting paid millions and millions of dollars.”

Trump said the Russia-Ukraine conflict could be ended “in 24 hours with the right leadership. At the end of my next four years the warmongers and frauds and failures of the senior ranks of our government will all be gone. And we will have a new group of competent national security officials who believe in defending America’s vital interests above all else.”

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