Trump on ‘sick’ foes: They ‘have no idea how the world works’ and the ‘anger they cause’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 18, 2023

The Republican Party must toughen up if it is going to fight the “sick” people who are pushing political prosecutions against Donald Trump, the former president said.

“It is a disgraceful thing and Republicans can’t let them get away with it. Republicans have to be tough. The Republicans are great in many ways, but they don’t fight as hard for this stuff and they have to get a lot tougher. And if they don’t, they are not going to have much of a Republican Party,” Trump told Larry Kudlow in an interview broadcast on Thursday on Fox Business Network.

Donald Trump warned the U.S. is ‘going to hell’ while discussing the ‘waning’ dollar during an interview with Larry Kudlow. / Fox Business

Trump told Kudlow, who served as the director of the National Economic Council in the Trump White House, that the most recent charges filed against him are an extension of the partisan “witch hunt” he has endured for years.

“I think they are sick people,” Trump said of his legal and political foes. “I think they are people that have no idea how the world works, and they have no idea the anger they cause.”

Trump said Joe Biden and other Democrats are trying to cripple his 2024 presidential run.

“They are all very similar in the sense there is no basis for them,” Trump said. “They want to suppress your voice. They don’t want you to ever talk about an election. If you talk about an election, they want to put you in jail.”

Earlier this week, Trump aid that he would share a “CONCLUSIVE Report” of election fraud in Georgia at a news conference this coming Monday in Bedminster, New Jersey, that would show “all charges should be dropped against me & others.”

The report, according to The New York Times, was assembled by Trump aide Liz Harrington.

The press conference was called off Thursday because Trump’s legal team warned him against reiterating the stolen-election theories that are the basis for some of the criminal charges against him.

Turning to the economy in the interview with Kudlow, Trump warned the U.S. dollar is losing its dominance as “our country is going to hell.”

“We have power, but it’s waning. In fact, it’s waning in terms of our currency. And I’m not just talking about the value of our currency, I’m talking about our currency being used throughout the world,” Trump said.

The former president confirmed to Kudlow that the U.S. dollar’s downfall as the world’s reserve currency is “bigger than losing any war.”

“You look at our airports, you look at our terminals, you look at our filthy roads and broken roads and everything else, we’re like a Third World country,” Trump noted. “We have something that’s very powerful and that’s our dollar. But you take a look at what’s happening to it now with other countries not using it, and you know China wants to replace it with the Yuan, and it was unthinkable with us. Unthinkable. Would never have happened. Now people are thinking about it.”

Trump said he’s aiming to bring “common sense” back into the White House: “We have a lot of common sense, and the problem is, they don’t have common sense. They don’t know what they’re doing and they’re destroying our country. We’ll turn it around fast.”

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