Trudeau imposes martial law as authorities on horseback trample protesters

by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2022

An army of police, some of them mounted on horseback, has been deployed in Ottawa and Toronto and have been caught on video brutalizing Freedom Convoy protesters amid Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s imposition of martial law in Canada.

Video on Friday showed Toronto Police Mounted Unit officers charging into a crowd and at least one horse trampling multiple people, including an elderly woman with a walker.

Toronto Police Mounted Unit officers pushed through a crowd at the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa and trampled at least two demonstrators on Friday. / Twitter

In Ottawa, police were seen beating one protester with a rifle. In another incident, police drag a protester between trucks and one knees the protester in the face.

Freedom Convoy organizer Benjamin Dichter told the Toronto Sun “one of the drivers had his truck windows smashed by Ottawa Police (with) guns drawn and (he was) dragged out of his vehicle by force.”

Rebel News reported that members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were bragging online about using brutal force on protesters.

In a leaked group chat, RCMP Musical Ride member Andrew Nixon sends a picture of a pint of beer hoping for his chance to abuse protesters: “Don’t kick all of them out until next weeks group gets our turn”.

Member Robin Thibault remarks about accommodations police are being given in Ottawa: “Nice Downtown in Chateau Laurier”.

Nixon jokes about police brutality: “Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground”.

A member named Marca laughs off the prior night trampling of two demonstrators, one of which had a mobility scooter. “just watched the horse video — that is awesome … we should practice that manoeuvre”.

Rebel News, one of the few media outlets doing actual reporting on the ground amid the violence, said that its reporter, Alexa Lavoie, was “brutally struck with a baton, shot at close range with a pepper canister which then broke, burning her face and eyes.”

“The Trudeau government had already obscenely used blunt force by deputizing Canada’s banks to freeze the accounts of protesters and threatening to cancel their licenses, insurance and even take away their pets and children,” noted the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington, one of the few in the Canadian media not kowtowing to the Trudeau regime.

“No matter how it’s spun at the end of the day, a majority of these protesters merely didn’t want to take a vaccine, parked illegally, honked their horns and disobeyed Trudeau. It’s not enough to hurt them,” Warmington wrote. “This was not ISIS out there. It was Canadians with charter rights. But the rhetoric was revved up by Trudeau as if it was a terror cell putting Canada’s democracy at risk.”

The Trudeau regime also used its own imposition of violence as an excuse to postpone scheduled debate in the House of Commons.

“I‘m disturbed and saddened by what we are seeing today in Ottawa,” tweeted Opposition Leader Candice Bergen who is Conservative interim leader. “This situation was created by the PM and his desire to divide Canadians.”

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