Trans activists triggered by Daily Wire’s comedy ‘Lady Ballers’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News December 4, 2023

Activists who believe biological males should be allowed to compete in women’s sports are freaking out after the release of The Daily Wire comedy flick “Lady Ballers”.

‘Lady Ballers’ is available on DailyWire+

In “Lady Ballers”, a has-been men’s basketball coach convinces the players on his former high school championship team to identify as female so that they can dominate multiple women’s sports.

LGBTQ Nation accused the Daily Wire of seeking to “mock trans women and girls who are fighting for the right to participate in sports as their gender.”, which rated the trailer for the comedy as “the worst thing we’ve ever seen,” said that “if watching middle-aged men in bad wigs beating up women and making fun of them is what gets your engine going (as it must for the people at The Daily Wire), check out Lady Ballers.”

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing directed the comedy and stars as the coach. He dedicated the film to “the women who have trained their entire lives only to be beaten at their sport by a man who couldn’t win at his.”

“Lady Ballers” features cameos by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Riley Gaines, the University of Kentucky All-American swimmer who famously tied at the 2022 NCAA championships with hulking biological male Lia Thomas.

“The only thing happening in our culture more absurd and hilarious than men calling themselves women and then dominating women’s sports is that the ‘speak truth to power’ set on the left not only won’t make fun of it, they won’t even acknowledge it’s a joke,” Boreing said in a press release.

“Lady Ballers” was released on Friday on the DailyWire+ service.

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