Those who get Pfizer jab more susceptible to getting Covid infection, ex-Pfizer employee says

by WorldTribune Staff, November 24, 2021

Those who receive the Pfizer vaccine are more likely to be infected with Covid than if they hadn’t gotten the shot, a former Pfizer employee said, citing FDA data.

Karen Kingston, the former Pfizer employee and current pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst, and medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz presented documentation at a public meeting which they said shows that Pfizer is aware that its gene-based shot, which has now been reportedly injected some 225 million times into the arms of Americans, causes recipients to become more susceptible to contracting Covid-19, LifeSiteNews reported.

“So, when they weren’t injected, their infection rate was 1.3 percent and when they got injected, it was 4.34 percent. It went up by over 300 percent,” Kingston stated. “They had less infection when they had no protection. So, that’s a problem.”

In their presentation, Kingston and Renz showed a “Briefing Document” used in a FDA advisory committee meeting on Sept. 17, 2021. Titled “Application for licensure of a booster dose for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA),” it includes a report on a study conducted by Pfizer testing the longevity of immunity provided by their product over time.

The study, which included 36,000 participants, revealed that the group injected earlier were more likely to be infected with the virus than those injected later, indicating a possible “waning of immunity” for the shots. The group injected earlier had a 7 percent chance of infection in the time period, and those injected later, only a 5.16 percent rate, equating to the former group having a 36 percent greater chance of infection than the latter.

In addition, since both groups were measured for the same time period, the latter involving a significant placebo period prior to injection (5.1 months on average), the placebo group was unusually untouched.

Kingston told LifeSiteNews in an interview: “There should have been more people infected in the placebo group because they were going on longer without any protection.” She suggested this would therefore seem to indicate that those injected have an even higher chance of being infected with Covid than the 36 percent difference indicated by this portion of the study.

Extending this conclusion a step further, the document reports: “An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2.”

In other words, Kingston said, “if you have two doses of Pfizer, your rate for getting infected [with Covid] increases over time.”

The FDA briefing document, Renz explained, “says if you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get Covid. More likely! It says it right there.”

Amid Big Media and Big Tech censorship of such news, independent media has reported a worldwide trend of high rates of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths among the vaccinated.

It was reported in July that 40 percent of Covid hospitalizations in Great Britain were from the “fully vaccinated,” and more recently, as emphasized by Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, Public Health England revealed that 63 percent of Delta variant deaths in the UK were vaccinated individuals.

In addition, Israel has made headlines in recent months for skyrocketing Covid case and hospitalization rates among the vaccinated. As of early August, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, noted on Israel’s Channel 13 that “most of the population” of Israel is vaccinated, and that he was seeing “85-90 percent of hospitalizations” were for those “fully vaccinated.”

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