The whistleblowers who will save America and what they are up against

Special to WorldTribune, August 20, 2022

Commentary by John Davidson

Imagine life as an FBI agent in this strange year, 2022. You follow the chain of command. You rely on your band of brothers (and sisters) whom you must trust absolutely to survive firefights in the field — and in the boardroom.

‘When one whistleblower was asked if he was concerned about coming forward with his information, his response was “I’m more worried about what happens if I don’t”.’

What if your superiors or colleagues have betrayed your bedrock principals for political or financial purpose? What if you find yourself involved in the highly-charged investigations involving Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? What if you were handed that ultimate hot potato, the abandoned laptop of the son of a certain former vice president?

Forced to choose between sworn duty and a leadership that has become alarmingly partisan, you know there is great risk in coming forward. You must be willing to abandon your career, your colleagues, and your personal security.

When one whistleblower was asked if he was concerned about coming forward with his information, his response was: “I’m more worried about what happens if I don’t.”

According to Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, at least 14 whistleblowers (with more in the wings) have already come forward pointing out major issues regarding the political weaponization of our DOJ, FBI and other agencies. I applaud these brave few who speak out.  They are risking their lives to expose a well-organized conspiracy to defraud the people of the United States of their fundamental human rights.

Yes, we speak of the 2020 election and the rights of the very people who voted in that election for THEIR government.

Judge Steven. D. Grimberg: Should he have recused himself?

The best way to identify the players in this house of cards is to look at unusual actions that don’t make sense. Let’s consider only a few that illustrate what dark forces the whistleblowers and the American people are up against. Let’s start with federal judge Steven D. Grimberg.

Steven D. Grimberg is a federal judge in the U.S. Northern District of Georgia. On Nov. 20, 2020, Judge Grimberg dismissed Lin Wood’s petition to stay Georgia election count certification despite the irregularities many experienced in the election. Remember, in 2019 somehow the sages of the State of Georgia were able to peer into the future and anticipate the need for mail-in ballots during a national lockdown. Isn’t it incredible this is exactly what happened? Some conspiracy theorists could say this prediction is a signal of a planned event, but how could something like Covid be a planned event? It’s not like our NIH was funding gain-of-function diseases, in a lab, located in a country that absolutely wanted Trump removed from power and would utilize lawfare and any other method of clandestine warfare, including exploiting our weak, corrupt leaders and partisan politicians to achieve it.

Judge Grimberg was confirmed by a vote of 75 to 18 with Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders abstaining and Sens. Roberts (R-KS), Warren (D-MA), Klobuchar (D-MN) and Coons (D-DE) not voting.

When I see Senators not voting, I wonder why. In theory, conflicts of interest are why officials would abstain, so what would Kamala’s COI be? Where did the Honorable Judge Grimberg work prior to his nomination? Cue the conspiracy theorists!

Sabina Menschel / Nardello & CO

In 2018 Steven D. Grimberg worked for the Atlanta office of an investigation firm called Nardello and Co. The President and COO of Nardello is Sabina Menschel. Her CV is quite interesting! Sabina was previously associated with the FBI as is her husband, former FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap. Hey we know him! He worked on Crossfire Hurricane, Gen. Michael Flynn interview notes, the Steel Dossier, Clinton email server, etc. Wow what a significant number of completely staid and totally normal cases to work on.

You’d have to be a big player or related to very wealthy bankers to consistently be involved in those kinds of law cases. I hate to debunk your bubble conspiracy theorists, but Bill and Sabina are just everyday normal folks, with absolutely no relation to Goldman Sachs executives. What’s that? Sabina’s dad is Richard L. Menschel a retired senior director of Goldman Sachs? He was also involved in Harvard X, which influences higher education around the globe much like China’s Thousand Talents and Confucius Institutes? Sigh.

Former FBI Counterintelligence official Bill Priestap / Video Image

Just one more interesting note. Is the counter-intelligence team the same crew that just raided Melania Trump’s panty drawer in Mar-A-Lago? And they’re under investigation by John Durham?

Now before you run wild with another conspiracy, keep in mind that Melania is an adult and her drawers would be of no interest to any Epstein-denier or his potential evidence stealers.

So fine, Judge Grimberg worked for some people who are involved in protecting Democrats and persecuting Trump, even if it means fabricating evidence and never actually going after the real criminals. Nothing to see here.

What is the culture of Nardello and Co? They investigate things! That’s good! Right? And no conflicts with Burisma, Hunter’s emails, Ukraine, and the like?

Maybe we should confirm just to be safe by using Marco Polo’s free online tool and search for Nardello. A quick search of ‘Nardello’ in Hunter Biden’s emails and…103 results. Oh dear.

Hunter Biden / Video Image

Well, it looks like Hunter Biden really liked Nardello and Co. In fact, it appears Hunter Biden very much wanted Nardello involved in Burisma because not only is Nardello heavily involved in Ukraine, it also has such a stellar reputation that Sabina and Bill’s pals at the FBI will leave them alone. Or as described in Hunter’s emails, the benefit of hiring Nardello to oversee Hunter’s Burisma dealings is:

“it will help to tell the U.S. government that a company with Nardello’s reputation, and  no pre-existing relationship with Burisma, examined Burisma.”

And later:

“Nardello has done a lot of work in Ukraine and in the region as a whole.  We will benefit greatly from their familiarity with the politics in the region, their past research, and their network within Ukraine.” —Source: “Privileged and Confidential” email from Heather King, Boies, Schiller and Flexner LLP., May 25, 2014

If there’s one thing I think we agree on, it’s that past dealings and understanding of Ukraine is super super important to anybody who needs to know whom to influence.

In March of 2014, Congress passed a Ukraine aid package. Joe Biden’s job was to make sure the country wasn’t corrupt. In May of 2014 Hunter got a board member gig for Burisma making $50,000 per month, which in more relatable “swamp” terms is 10 nights of 2 whores and an 8-ball per month. There are 20 other nights in the month to worry about so clearly this isn’t corruption, conspiracy theorists!

Dan Nardello / Business Insider

Fine then. Let’s go back to Nardello’s leadership. Who created this company which we never hear about but seemingly is in the midst of so many grand tales of conspiracy?

Introducing Dan Nardello. Prior to creating Nardello and CO, Dan was a prosecutor for the U.S. Southern District of New York Department of Justice. You may remember Dan from a very conspicuous case he prosecuted involving Steven Hoffenberg, head of the collapsed Towers Financial.

Towers Financial had many employees, but perhaps the most notorious one the deceased Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was apparently an integral part of Towers Financial, but that wasn’t important to fluent Italian-speaking prosecutor Dan Nardello. Perhaps Dan didn’t want to interrupt Epstein’s 17 (Q) visits to the Clinton White House during that time?

In an August 2019 NPR article, journalist Jim Zarroli almost pondered why Jeffrey wasn’t prosecuted in 1995 with Hoffenberg with this single paragraph:

“Why Epstein escaped prosecution is something of a mystery. The federal prosecutor who handled the case, Dan Nardello, declined to comment, saying he never discusses cases he prosecuted.”

How many young girls would have been spared their suffering had Dan done his job and stood up against his bosses, the sitting president, and possibly even his own interests to pursue justice? Did Dan become disillusioned with political involvement in the DOJ, or was he one of Jeffrey’s clients? Remember, the FBI/DOJ has had Epstein’s list for years and hasn’t prosecuted a single one or even leaked the list. See? The FBI/DOJ can keep SOME secrets!

One pattern we’ve noticed is that Nardello goes after talent. Talent that prosecutes white collar crimes. Talent that, once hired by Nardello, is used to defend white collar criminals. Nardello’s hires include former Obama campaign members, currently running politicians, federal officials and more.  This can be a useful tactic employed by the truly malevolent to prevent prosecution of their elite. These are connected people who wield influence. One only wonders what they’re really doing in Ukraine. Perhaps it has something to do with why Kamala abstained in voting for Grimberg?

You have to wonder, once you’re part of the culture of Nardello and Co, do you ever really leave?

Completing the Circle

So now we come back to Judge Steven D. Grimberg.

Judge Grimberg’s wife is a 12-year veteran employee of a company called Booz Allen Hamilton. While being an investor in media companies like Discovery and its child network CNN (which is no fan of Lin Wood), Booz is also the company that hired Edward Snowden. You see, Booz is a shadow intelligence company and was very concerned about a Trump presidency. As this CNBC article stated in 2017:

Booz Allen’s 10-K filing last year (2016) cautioned that business could be impacted due to “changes in the political climate” and added that there’s risk its relationship with the government could be harmed “due to perceived or actual deficiencies in the performance or quality of our work.”

Booz Allen Hamilton stock is up 25% over where it was in November 2020. Under Biden, the intelligence business is good. Maybe too good. In June the department of Justice filed suit to block Booz Allen Hamilton’s acquisition of another defense contractor named Everwatch stating the “Acquisition Would Eliminate Competition Between the Only Two Competitors for Critical National Security Support Services”. Imagine, a foreign invader wouldn’t need to take over our country — they just need to insert their own CEO asset (or activist board member) in a company that handles a majority of our intelligence gathering. No risk there!

Lin Wood

With all of his connections to Hunter Biden, Deep State intelligence companies, and FBI agents involved in fabricating evidence against Trump in mind, was Grimberg really the right judge to rule on a case that could put Biden in office? If Grimberg had recused, would we be financing a war in Ukraine on the backs of millions of Americans? Would our country be suffering from out-of-control inflation? Would the rest of the country have realized there is no real law enforcement anymore, only packs of ravenous wolves eager for kickbacks and cons to run on Americans who no longer have the ability to properly register outrage?

The death of Daniel Best in 2018 was ruled suicide by ‘multiple blunt force injuries.’

Speaking of outrage, why is the Georgia bar going after Lin Wood? Why is a lawyer who represented  Trump while being a democrat now attacked for mental illness? A lawyer growing a conscience is certainly something to be worried about in legal circles. The firm representing the GA Bar in it’s “War On Wood” is Nall & Miller. Nall & Miller handles Medical Malpractice cases (defense?), something that was getting attention under the Trump administration, especially in regards to pharmaceutical fraud and manipulation.  Just look up the curious case of Daniel Best, the HHS official and former Pfizer executive leading the charge for prescription drug reform under Trump. Unfortunately, before Daniel could accomplish his goals he committed suicide by multiple blunt force trauma. That’s a real thing, at least in D.C.

While we look at Nall & Miller, look at the State Bar of GA’s lawyer Robert L. Goldstucker. Robert is linked to many things, but according to his bio:

“He has been active with and served as counsel for Planned Parenthood.  Bob enjoys fitness and the outdoors.”

Robert Goldstucker, / Nall & Miller LLP

I can’t imagine Bob’s overlords at Planned Parenthood are happy about Lin Wood speaking out about human trafficking, especially since Planned Parenthood was busted selling aborted fetal body parts. In 2015 my former colleague Elizabeth Cohen at CNN happily whitewashed this absolute disgusting practice by the “Anti-Life” movement of selling aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood. If these monsters are the representatives of sanity, put me in the nuthouse with Lin Wood.

Big banks, Epstein, FBI corruption, Hunter Laptop Email evidence, Clintons, judges who don’t recuse, law firms as enforcers, CNN covering up pure evil, and former prosecutors hiring their own to cover up crimes … all the evidence is there.

But what are FBI investigations investigating? If we find the “swamp things” were directly or indirectly aiding and abetting a foreign enemy in a biological warfare attack on the people of the United States, their assets would be seized and they would be subjected to the same laws and tortures they have inflicted on others for decades. That is no laughing matter.

The people in power have become the monsters they claim to fight. There are still good people in the government. They are coming forward as whistleblowers, informants, leakers and sources for independent media.

For those in our government, media, and legal institutions, now is the time to come forward. Bring your evidence to light. Wait too long and you could be grouped with those who have betrayed our constitutional republic and participated in tandem with a foreign enemy.  The only thing worse than coming forward is staying silent.

John Davidson is executive producer and host of, an investigative web series that seeks to expose fraud and corruption. The documentary produced with this report can be viewed here:

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