‘The seal is now broken’; Trump’s arrest inevitable since Feb. 16, 2016 says Tucker Carlson

by WorldTribune Staff, June 15, 2023

What did Donald Trump mean with his repeated comment on June 13 that “the seal is now broken?” Perhaps he meant that all the pretending had ended, especially by those who had pretended to serve him with utmost loyalty and patriotism.

Trump is truly a unique leader who poses a real threat to the establishment regime of both parties in Washington, D.C., former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in a June 13 Twitter video.

Cable news, which followed “every moment” of Trump’s arrest and arraignment on Tuesday in Miami live, noted how shocking the unprecedented event was.

“But they weren’t shocked,” Carlson said. “They knew this was coming. Everyone who has paid attention knew it was. What just happened was always going to happen. It’s been inevitable since Feb. 16, 2016, that’s the day Donald Trump made a blood enemy of the largest and most powerful organization in human history, which would be the federal government.”

Trump during a February 2016 Republican candidates debate in Greenville, South Carolina said, “We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East. They lied, they said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.”

Carlson continued: “Nobody with Trump’s views is allowed to have power in this country. Criticize our wars, and you’re disqualified. If you keep it up, we’ll send you to prison. That’s the message Washington is sending, not just the Democratic Party is sending, but both parties are sending.”

Indeed, within hours of his indictment, top operatives in Trump’s administration, instead of rallying to his defense, had turned downright vicious.

Carlson reserved his harshest criticism for Mike Pompeo, secretary of state in the Trump administration who said: “If the allegations are true, and there’s lots of indications that they are, President Trump had classified documents where he shouldn’t have had them and then when given the opportunity to return them he chose not to do that for whatever reason. That’s inconsistent with protecting America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.”

Said Carlson: “That very same Mike Pompeo, the one who’s sneering at Donald Trump on TV this morning, that guy served Donald Trump as both CIA director and as secretary of state.”

Trump Attorney General Bill Barr said the former president is “toast” after reading the federal indictment. “He was totally wrong that he had the right to have those documents. Those documents are among the most sensitive secrets that the country has. They have to be in the custody of the archivist. He had no right to maintain them and retain them.”

Mike Pence called the allegations against his former boss “very serious. Frankly, having two members of our immediate family serving in the armed forces of the United States, I will never diminish the importance of protecting our nation’s secrets.”

Nikki Haley, who Trump named as his U.S. ambassador to the UN said: “If this indictment is true, if what it says is actually the case, President Trump was incredibly reckless with our national security. This puts all of our military men and women in danger… it’s reckless, it’s frustrating and it causes problems.”

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Carlson went on to explain to America why Trump needs to be the next President of The United States.

“Whatever you say about him, Trump is the one guy with an actual shot at becoming president who dissents from Washington’s long-standing war agenda,” Carlson said. “And for that, that one fact, they’re trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him. And that should upset you more than anything that has happened in American politics in your lifetime. Even if you don’t plan to vote for Donald Trump. Even if you would die before voting for Donald Trump. …

“… The destruction of our democracy which is the right of voters to support any candidate they want, even candidate who don’t want war with Russia. The destruction of that should keep you up at night.”

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