The lawless Left: Americans waking up daily to how radical Democrats have become

by WorldTribune Staff, July 22, 2020

“You can see that something is growing in the big cities: An overwhelming sense of lawlessness,” Chicago Tribune columnist Paul Krass wrote on Wednesday.

Krass echoed recent comments from President Donald Trump and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan on how Americans are seeing in the events unfolding before them every day just how radical Democrats have become.

A leftist mob intent on toppling a statue of Christopher Columbus in Chicago, attacked police, leaving 49 officers injured.

In warning that he would send federal law enforcement to more U.S. cities, Trump on Monday decried the ongoing violence and destruction occurring in many Democrat-run cities.

Citing New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland, as places he could send federal agents, Trump noted the cities’ mayors were “liberal Democrats.”

“We’re looking at Chicago, too,” Trump said, “We’re looking at New York. All run by very liberal Democrats. All run, really, by the radical left. This is worse than anything anyone’s ever seen. And you know what? If Biden got in, that would be true for the country. The whole country would go to hell.”

Krass noted that Trump “is sending federal law enforcement into the big cities run by Democratic mayors, where murder and gang shootings are out of control and where once vibrant downtown areas are on their way to becoming ghost towns.”

“And naturally,” Krass wrote, “the Democratic mayors, backing Joe Biden, are on the defensive, upset that the president might win political advantage, even as the mayors feud with their own police departments, as the violence rises in their towns, as children are gunned down.”

Krass noted that, in Chicago, at least 49 police officers were injured and 18 required hospital treatment after the leftist mob which was intent on toppling a statue of Christopher Columbus pelted them with frozen bottles, rocks and fireworks.

“I suppose this is the place where I’m supposed to adopt Newspeak and characterize the mayhem as ‘mostly peaceful protests.’ But no,” Krass wrote.

“If you’re a Democrat, you might worry that Trump will score political points by sending federal agents to the violent cities.

“And if you’re trapped in one of the violent urban neighborhoods, you’re hoping that your children won’t be killed as they sit on your front porch.”

These Democrat-run cities “are also where left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent millions of dollars to help elect liberal social justice warriors as prosecutors. He remakes the justice system in urban America, flying under the radar,” Krass noted.

Those prosecutors help criminals in the leftist mob who are destroying America’s cities get released with little or no bond.

A recent Chicago Tribune investigation found that of 162 offenders arrested and charged with felonies before the George Floyd protests — and who were bailed out by liberal social justice warrior groups — more than 1 in 5 were charged with new offenses.

Soros-backed prosecutors, Krass noted, “won’t anger their base when they release violent offenders back into poor neighborhoods to commit other violent acts on poor people. The left is their base. This is what they want, what Soros paid for.”

In an interview on Fox News’s “Outnumbered Overtime” on Tuesday, Jordan said Americans are “realizing, “Wow, I didn’t realize how radical today’s Democrats are.’ This is why it has to stop.”

Amid the ongoing rioting in Portland, leftists complained that federal agents were refusing to identify themselves and driving in vehicles that were unmarked.

Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, noted that “hard leftists are concerned that these federal agents may be coming in unmarked cars. What do you want? If they come in marked cars, they’re going to get a brick through their window.”

“They have their identification on both shoulders,” Jordan said. “If they apprehend someone who is defacing or destroying federal property, which is the situation that they’re in Portland trying to stop, when they do that, they tell the person they are apprehending who they are and why they’re being apprehended, so what more do you want?”

“You want them to come in in a big marked vehicle so that the looters in the mob can throw bricks and frozen water bottles through the window? I don’t think so,” he continued, referencing some objects that were hurled at police officers during clashes recently in Chicago.

Jordan also referenced Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy, who received backlash over his T-shirt choice, as a photograph from a fishing trip surfaced last month on social media. Gundy was seen in the photo wearing a T-shirt with the logo of the news outlet OAN – One America News Network, which has previously criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

“If the cancel culture mob will go after a football coach for wearing the quote-unquote wrong T-shirt while taking his boys fishing, imagine what it will do to law enforcement when they got their name,” Jordan said.

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