The GOP’s war on conservatives: Focus on Massachusetts

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Jeffrey T. Kuhner, March 4, 2024

[Editor’s Note: Columnist Jeffrey Kuhner is in the crosshairs of the Massachussetts Republican Party. Kuhner, who serves on the Advisory Board of the Free Press Foundation, charged on the air that GOP Chair Amy Carnevale with her letter to the FCC sought to “have me fired or censored.”]

There is something rotten in Massachusetts. The state’s RINOs and establishment GOP have declared war on MAGA populists, patriots and Trump supporters. Their goal: to marginalize, ostracize and ultimately purge conservatives from the Massachusetts Republican Party.

In a sense, it was inevitable. Since the administration of RINO Gov. Charlie Baker, Massachusetts GOP elites have ferociously opposed former President Trump, seeking to stop the rise of his America First movement.

This battle culminated in the 2022 Republican gubernatorial primary between Trump conservative Geoff Diehl and his rival, wealthy RINO Chris Doughty. Despite being massively outspent by the Doughty campaign, Diehl managed to prevail. Yet, instead of consolidating around Diehl in the general election against radical leftist Maura Healey, the Doughty forces—and their corrupt media allies—made a fateful decision. They publicly refused to support, fund-raise or campaign for Diehl. The establishment GOP’s strategy was to sabotage Diehl’s candidacy. The result was a landslide victory for Healey and the Democrats.

The RINOs made their next move. They ousted conservative Jim Lyons as the chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

They replaced him with a mediocre establishment hack, Amy Carnevale. She is the quintessential RINO — sleazy, unprincipled, cunning and beholden to the donor class. Carnevale is a lobbyist. I don’t mean she was a former lobbyist, who now happens to be the Massachusetts GOP chair; Rather, she is a lobbyist, who is also serving as the chair of the state Republican Party.

This is a grotesque conflict of interest. Carnevale is controlled by wealthy donors and clients, while using the Massachusetts GOP as her vehicle to advance the special interests and globalist agenda of her law firm, K&L Gates.

According to the K&L Gates website, the firm has “45 offices on five continents.” It embraces left-wing corporate policies, such as ESG. It promotes the radical Green agenda, especially trendy renewable energy like wind and solar power. It has adopted the pernicious woke ideology and Marxist culture of DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion.

Moreover, Carnevale refused to sign a 2022 ballot petition that opposed granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. In fact, on every major issue affecting Massachusetts taxpayers and citizens — skyrocketing inflation, rampant crime, increased drug use, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, Healey’s irresponsible policy of providing “free” meals, shelter, hotel rooms, health care, education and public assistance to countless illegal alien migrants — Carnevale (like all RINOs) is either silent or tepid. In short, she is a socially liberal globalist masquerading as a Republican.

The Boston Broadside recently reported that Carnevale’s upcoming budget for the state party devotes over 90 percent — an obscene amount of total operating expenses — to perks, salaries, consultants, travel, meals, hotels and overhead (including a very expensive and needless swanky office in Boston). Less than 10 percent will actually go to recruiting and supporting Republican candidates on the campaign trail.

No wonder the Democrats have no fear of real GOP opposition. Under Carnevale, the Republicans are the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters: They are paid to lose. In other words, the RINOs are controlled opposition.

It’s time to send the RINOs a message: The Massachusetts GOP will no longer be a cash cow for political opportunists, greedy consultants, wealthy and powerful interlopers, and two-faced media whores who have been lining their pockets at the expense of decent, long-suffering, neglected voters.

In corrupt Massachusetts, pay-to-play is deeply embedded in the state’s political (and media) culture. There is a lot of money to be made being the mouthpiece for the GOP establishment. The Democrats ask only one thing — never mount a serious challenge to their grip on one-party rule. And this is why Diehl and his band of MAGA conservatives pose such an existential threat to the venal political system. Just like Trump wants to drain the swamp in Washington, Diehl and his populist-patriot insurgents want to drain the swamp in Massachusetts.

For over a year, Carnevale and her minions have been waging a vicious political jihad against their opponents. The Carnevale-Doughty-Baker Republicans have resorted to nasty smears and slanderous defamations in a pathetic attempt to discredit Diehl’s pro-Trump supporters. Diehl has been vilified as a “Nazi,” who is part of a “lunatic fringe” of “extremists” and the “Kool Aid Kult” of nihilists, criminals, drug addicts, child molesters and Jew-haters (I’m not kidding).

The media attacks have been so hysterical, libelous and insane one could be forgiven for thinking they came from Rachel Maddow and leftists on MSNBC.

The reason for the phony hysteria and puerile demonization is that the days of RINO rule are coming to an end. On Tuesday, March 5, Super Tuesday, primary voters in the Bay State will be going to the polls. Trump will not be the only one on the ballot. Republicans will also get to elect which candidates will sit on the 80-member GOP state committee, which ultimately decides not only who the next party chair will be, but the future direction of the party itself.

Diehl and his reformers are running on the “Massachusetts Freedom Slate,” a wide-ranging list of more than 70 conservative candidates. They are being ferociously opposed by Carnevale’s establishment Republican slate – the dying, decrepit old guard.

Every patriot and MAGA supporter should go to and click on the town you live in. Click “Go” and it will then show you the two conservative candidates – one male, the other female – to vote for.

It’s time to send the RINOs a message: The Massachusetts GOP will no longer be a cash cow for political opportunists, greedy consultants, wealthy and powerful interlopers, and two-faced media whores who have been lining their pockets at the expense of decent, long-suffering, neglected voters. It’s time for a real Republican Party.

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