Sucking up to the Red Capitalists: NFL map shows Taiwan as part of China

by WorldTribune Staff, December 16, 2021

The NFL sees a sea of green in Red China.

For a boatload of communist cash, the NFL is more than willing to sell Taiwan down the river.

The NFL endorsed the Chinese Communist Party’s claims to sovereignty over Taiwan this week by displaying a map announcing the pro football league’s international marketing which included Taiwan as part of China.

The name “Taiwan” and the nation’s distinctive red, white, and blue flag were absent from the map.

Though the NFL claims otherwise, Taiwan is a self-governed, independent nation. It receives U.S. defense support despite not being formally recognized. The CCP has long sought to bring Taiwan under its control.

The NFL announced Thursday that “18 teams have been granted access to 26 International Home Marketing Areas across eight different countries” starting in 2022. Along with China, the other seven countries are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The league added that “this ground-breaking, new initiative grants clubs access to international territories for marketing, fan engagement, and commercialization as part of an important, long-term, strategic effort to enable clubs to build their global brands while driving NFL fan growth internationally.”

ESPN also faced criticism in October 2019 when its broadcast showed a map of China that also encompassed Taiwan and featured a version of the so-called nine-dash line — the CCP’s broad claims to disputed territories in the South China Sea.

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