Still not guilty after 6-year crusade: Panicked DOJ, Big Media push for another Trump raid

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 11, 2022

After multiple investigations of Donald J. Trump covering the entirety of his six years in public life all came up empty, the Department of Justice and its Big Media allies are not done. They want more investigations and, why not, another raid.

“The raid on Mar-a-Lago found nothing just like the Mueller witch hunt found nothing just like the first impeachment and second impeachment found nothing,” blogger Don Surber noted in a Sept. 10 post.

A Reuters report on Sept. 8 proclaimed: “Trump is under investigation for retaining government records, some of which were marked as highly classified, at the resort in Palm Beach, Florida, his home after leaving office in January 2021.”

The report was headlined: “U.S. reveals more classified records may be missing in Trump probe”.

Except none of the material was classified. The documents were shipped to Mar-a-Lago while Trump was still president. Trump had declassified the material before shipping it to Mar-a-Lago.

“The commander-in-chief can declassify anything he wants,” Surber noted.

The media has also savagely attacked the judge who dared to inject some objectivity into the fiasco by ordering a special master to comb through the documents seized by the FBI in its raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The Associated Press reported on Sept. 7: “U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon is facing sharp criticism following her decision this week to grant a request by former President Donald Trump’s legal team for an independent arbiter to review documents obtained during an FBI search of his Florida property last month.”

Brandon Fox, a Los Angeles defense attorney and former federal prosecutor who apparently is not auditioning to be a stand-up comedian, told the AP that Cannon’s opinion creates a perception of “two systems of justice.”

“The criminal justice system is set up to try to make sure that everybody is accountable in the same way for alleged crimes they have committed,” Fox said in all seriousness. “Here, it appears that Mr. Trump is getting special benefit” by virtue of being a former president.

AP stated as a fact “Trump’s inappropriate retention of sensitive material from the White House.”

Surber noted that, “in Britain, AP would have to prove that allegation in court or pay a hefty fine and apologize.”

But Big Media “cares not about facts,” Surber added. “The narrative is everything. The narrative now is that Trump stole nuclear codes to sell to Putin,” according to surrendered-to-the-darkside Matt Drudge. “This is a goofy narrative and a dangerous one because so many people believe it.”

The media also continues to relentlessly smear Trump “while ignoring the millions of foreign bribes Biden raked in through his son, his daughter and his brother,” Surber wrote. “The media sees nothing wrong with the FBI raiding a former president’s home. The news reports drench with presumption of guilt. … But surely you do not expect the truth from a media that was OK with Obama using the FBI to spy on Trump. Russiagate was the cover story. The media gave itself Pulitzers for peddling that lie.”

In its reporting, Reuters inadvertently admitted “that the FBI failed to get incriminating evidence of any crime,” Surber noted. “Oh sure, the FBI took 1,693 newspapers, magazines and assorted clippings. And the FBI said it had empty folders marked CLASSIFIED and the like.”

(The full list of items seized from Mar-a-Lago is here.)

But, Surber added, “the FBI’s claim that Trump still has classified records reveals Biden’s Bureau failed to get enough evidence to indict.

“Oh, they got a lot of things. Clothing. Gifts. Photographs. These are all things that one could use in a presidential library,” Surber wrote. “The National Archive bureaucracy wants the stuff for itself. The two sides have negotiated this little turf war. The director of the National Archive retired in May and now we have a full-blown constitutional crisis thanks to the new director, Biden and the FBI.”

The Reuters article noted: “Trump’s team may not have returned all the classified records removed from the White House at the end of his presidency even after an FBI search of his home, U.S. prosecutors warned on Thursday, calling it a potential national security risk that needs investigation.”

Surber concluded: “By saying Trump still has stuff, the FBI admits it does not have a damned thing on him. Biden wants to raid him again.”

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