Soros, Jr. tweets: ‘In Pelosi we trust’ (What’s God got to do with it?)

by WorldTribune Staff, September 15, 2021

In a tweet posted on Sept. 9, Alexander Soros, the son of leftist billionaire globalist George Soros, revealed what worship looks like in the Democrat Party.

One response noted that 35-year-old Alexander Soros didn’t feel the need to wear a mask around the 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi and his 91-year-old father, “but your child (who is likely immune), needs to wear one to school.”

George Soros, the founder and chairman of Open Society Foundations, has been one of the largest donors for Democrats, and he reportedly finances numerous digital media outlets with the group.

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Soros has donated at least $1,390,000 to Democrats in 2021, according to data provided by the Federal Election Commission.

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