Soros-funded DAs take over in 2 affluent D.C. suburbs: Defeated Dems issue warnings

by WorldTribune Staff, November 17, 2019

Democratic incumbents in 2 northern Virginia cities who lost district attorney races to George Soros-funded radicals say they now fear for the safety of residents in the affluent Washington, D.C. suburbs.

Soros for several years has been pumping millions of dollars into local district attorney races in an effort to overhaul the U.S. justice system.

Virginia was the latest target of George Soros’s effort to overhaul the U.S. justice system. / Creative Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

In Fairfax and Arlington counties in Virginia, an independent prosecutor said “center-left residents voted straight-party tickets in the general elections to spite President Donald Trump, unaware that fringe candidates had only narrowly squeaked by in the primaries,” The Daily Caller noted in a Nov. 13 report.

“In both cases, the incumbents expressed concern for public safety if the Soros-backed candidates took control. They also said that the activists were pushing a national platform about racism and over-incarceration that had no basis in reality in the affluent, liberal jurisdictions,” the Daily Caller said.

In Fairfax County, Democratic incumbent Ray Morrogh said he quit the party after he lost to the Soros-funded Steve Descano in the primary. Morrogh said Descano is unqualified to be in charge of public safety.

Descano “is completely unqualified for the office of commonwealth attorney,” Morrogh said in a video. “The only case he tried, he disgraced himself when the judge reversed the conviction because [he] lied in closing argument. This man is not fit to hold office in Fairfax County.”

“I’ve dedicated 36 years of my life to keeping you safe in Fairfax County, and I’ve never asked for anything,” Morrogh continued. “But I love my country, I love this county, and I believe in public safety. I’m asking you, vote for Jonathan Fahey for all the victims in this county.”

After narrowly beating Morrogh in the primary (51 to 49 percent), Descano easily defeated Fahey in the general election on Nov. 5 by 61 percent to 38 percent. Fahey, a former Fairfax County prosecutor, ran as an independent.

“People just went in and voted party ballots. They tell themselves they’re somehow sticking it to [President Donald] Trump by voting for someone unqualified to be the local prosecutor,” Fahey told the Daily Caller. “They want to make a stand, but it’s like, you have a chance to do that and it’s in 2020. It’s self-destructive how Trump kind of owns the Democrats mentally.”

“We have a world right now where the president picks the U.S. attorneys and George Soros picks the top state prosecutors. And that’s a scary world to live in,” Fahey said.

In Arlington County, Democratic incumbent Theo Stamos said Soros-backed Parisa Dehghani-Tafti ran on the “preposterous” notion that the D.C. suburb was a bastion of racial unrest.

Stamos slammed Dehghani-Tafti, saying the Soros candidate had no experience as a prosecutor. Stamos added that the jail population in the county was at a five-year low under her tenure and that there have been no Chicago-style racial unrest or high-profile police shootings in the wealthy D.C. suburb.

“Arlington County is one of the most educated, progressive, engaged and enlightened communities in the country,” Stamos said, Politico reported in June. “To postulate that unbeknownst to this very active community for the past three decades, all under the watchful eye of Chief Judge William T. Newman, who is an African American pioneer in this community, there has been this malignant and oppressive force at work … is preposterous.”

“I’m not going to apologize for being a prosecutor,” Stamos continued. “I think it’s very misguided to back away from the actual work of prosecution because that’s what does keep communities safe, it’s what gives voice to victims of crime.”

Stamos raised $175,000, while Dehghani-Tafti raised $850,000, $630,000 of which came from the Soros PAC, the Daily Caller noted.

There was no independent or Republican on the ballot to challenge Dehghani-Tafti after her unexpected defeat of Stamos in the primary.

Another Soros-backed candidate was the Loudoun County, Virginia district attorney race. In Loudon, which is the wealthiest county in the United States, Buta Biberaj narrowly defeated Republican incumbent prosecutor Nicole Wittmann after the Soros PAC spent $845,000 on her. Wittmann raised $113,000 with no single enormous donation, the Daily Caller noted.

In previous election cycles, Soros’s PAC helped install Kim Foxx, a Chicago prosecutor who gained notoriety for her role in the Jussie Smollett case, and Larry Krasner, a Philadelphia prosecutor who the city’s federal prosecutor blamed for a “culture of disrespect” after a felon allegedly shot six police officers in August.

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