So Trump is already losing? We interrupt the narrative with poll results

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 23, 2022

The relentless messaging that casts Donald Trump’s chances of retaking the White House as slim and none point to the 2022 midterm elections as a definitive indication that support for the former president is collapsing.

Writing for US News on Dec. 14, Claire Hansen declared: “Trump’s stock among the GOP has fallen considerably since the November midterms, in which Republicans only barely eked out a House majority and failed to take the Senate. Several of Trump’s hand-picked and endorsed candidates lost their contests.”

Lefty commentators giddily cite skewed polls which stack their surveys with Democrat sycophants and never-Trump RINOs while asking anti-Trump questions.

The Hill’s Jared Gans proclaimed: “Polling has shown (Florida Gov. Ron) DeSantis closing in on Trump or in some cases taking a lead over the former president since the midterm elections last month. DeSantis led Trump by 23 points among Republican and Republican-leaning voters in a USA Today-Suffolk University poll.”

Back to reality.

Surveys by two of the nation’s leading Republican pollsters show Trump’s support is “as strong as ever.”

John and Jim McLaughlin, who run McLaughlin & Associates, released a new poll that shows the Trump ahead of DeSantis 48%-23% in a GOP primary and leading Joe Biden 48%-45%.

John McLaughlin told the Washington Examiner that the McLaughlin & Associates poll is different in that it is tougher with the sample it uses. It tries to whittle down its sample to those most likely to vote instead of a bigger vat that may include some who’ve never voted.

“McLaughlin tries to stay away from anti-Trump bias in many media polls. And finally, it replicates the Democrat-to-Republican percentage of more recent elections,” the Examiner’s Paul Bedard noted.

“First you have to look at the quality of the poll and the source. Most published polls are from the liberal, anti-Trump media, and they do backflips to create biased surveys to suppress the Trump voters and donors. Many of the biased media polls are diluted with nonvoters and have samples of adults and do not reflect actual voters as likely voter polls do. They also bias the sample asking anti-Trump questions,” John McLaughlin said.

Another recent survey, the Harris/Harvard Poll conducted on Dec. 13-15, shows the following 2024 National Republican Primary results:

Trump 48%
DeSantis 25%
Pence 6%
Haley 4%
Cruz 2%
Pompeo 2%
T. Scott 1%
Rubio 1%

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