Shame on the party that loves power and hates America

Special to, January 30, 2019

By John McNabb

President Trump had just reopened the Federal Government when Chuck Schumer, taking a victory lap, let loose with a memorable comment.

For the Democrat obstructionists, he intoned,  “unity is our power.”

He was also quoted as saying that “no one should ever underestimate Pelosi.” I believe he is referring to a woman who is a master of swamp politics. She is also a woman who can’t seem to put two cogent sentences together, has brain freezes in public, obviously hates Donald Trump and could care less about America.

Finally, the quotable Mr. Schumer said that he “hopes Trump has learned his lesson.”

The lesson of course is that Democrats and the Left love themselves but hate America.

I grew up with the understanding that the United States of America was the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Nancy Pelosi has run up over $2.1 million of free United States Air Force transportation and typically has her husband join her.

I saw a different side of Air Force transportation. From 1969 thru 1971 I served in the 355th and 388th fighter wings in Takhli and Korat, Thailand and flew 135 combat missions over North Vietnam, Laos and the Gulf of Tonkin and was awarded the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross. I was paid $60 per month combat pay.  And I wouldn’t have dared have my spouse join me.

Pelosi in theory is a public servant but many of us can clearly see that she is a taker posing as a giver.

I have tried to encourage our American values of citizenship and democracy through my teaching at The University of Houston and speaking engagements around our great country.  I learned in Civics class that democracy requires citizenship and that responsible citizenship creates and upholds our democracy.

Today we find a sense of entitlement on the Left side of the aisle without responsibility as in “Medicare for all!”

With the dumbing down of America that I am witnessing, I am not certain Civics is even taught anymore.

Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Warren, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and other stars in the Democrat firmament seem to have misplaced their collective idea of democracy. But they are proud of their unity, lording over society’s takers, their prime constituency.

For a history lesson, Imperial Rome had no enforced borders. The influx of peoples with different languages and religions overwhelmed the Romans and precluded an orderly assimilation of disparate populations. In addition, Rome’s welfare system evolved to the stage at which more people were on the dole than paying into the system.  The end result was the downfall of the Roman Empire.

Any of this sound familiar in America today?

Back to my Civics class. Did Schumer and Diane Feinstein not take Civics?

Before Donald Trump was elected as our 45th President, both Schumer and Feinstein were passionate about border security and building a wall.  They put our money, where their mouths are.

Since President Trump’s election the Democrats, their leftist media and our once beloved movie stars have done everything in their power to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency in the eyes of the American people and the world at large.

Does this also undermine American interests and security? Does it offend that large segment of the population who sincerely want “to make American great again?”

No matter. Forget American interests and the American people. These leftist “Clowns” want to trash Trump regardless of the consequences for present and future generations.

Their hold on power backed by the media establishment is their sole reason for being.

Today’s mainstream media have been reduced to pathetic propaganda organs.  Real journalism in America is dead and as a result, surreality is replacing objective reality.

Hollywood is a disaster. Once a source of inspiration, showcasing heroes and role models, America’s celebrities are now lionized for their deviant behavior.  The same stars who campaign to kill the Second Amendment are doing the killing on the silver screen. A total joke!

The recent public evisceration of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by Diane Feinstein will go down in  American history as a national embarrassment. Who can forget Kamala Harris’ pontificating and Patrick Leahy’s nastiness? And of course there was Feinstein supporting a possibly deranged woman who could not remember what, where or when.  And she seemed unaware that Mitch McConnell had reached out to her lawyers to have a very private conversation for the record instead of what occurred publicly.

Then there was Feinstein focusing on beer drinking games and a high school year book.  And yet Feinstein’s former “office manager” for twenty years was a Chinese government spy.

Forget beer games, I wonder what Feinstein’s “office manager” picked up in conversations of a classified nature over all of those years? Nobody on the left wants to talk about any of that and of course the mainstream media won’t.

I remember growing up in the coal country of West Virginia to great and loving parents who both worked hard, never complained and cherished America. They both achieved high school degrees.  My dad’s parents didn’t go to school and my mom’s parents finished the third and fourth grades. I was lucky enough to work my way through a four-year degree via an athletic scholarship. Two tours in Vietnam followed. I  count my five years serving my country as one of the highlights of my life.  But the clueless running of the war by Johnson and McNamara cost the lives of many sons and many of my high school and Duke University classmates and football teammates. And the Swamp in Washington considered the losses controllable.  Some needed to be sacrificed.  So the fat cat Democrats sat back and chose targets.  The ingress and egress routes to and from targets remained the same. American airmen were sitting ducks.  God bless you my colleagues and compatriots of my two fighter wings.

Donald Trump knew exactly what he was getting into by winning the presidency.  The American public didn’t understand and the average American would have had no way of knowing the depth of self-serving politics in Washington where many in Congress and in the bureaucracy  care much more about themselves than our hard working, tax paying, military serving, patriotic Americans.

We are all learning what has happened to our government by watching the nastiness, the pettiness and the unbounded egos in our nation’s capital.  Like Schumer said, he hoped that Donald Trump has learned his lesson.

Dear Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi,

President Trump has learned many lessons.  He is a hard-nosed businessman who knows how to win.  He doesn’t need to live off of hard working Americans and spend other people’s money like you and your cronies.

Look at the Trump Presidency’s impressive and long list of improvements to America in a short period of time. And compare that record to President Obama who had an average economic growth of 1.8 percent per year over an eight-year period and lost almost a half million manufacturing jobs in his final two years in office. He said those jobs were not coming back. He could not have been more wrong.

Barack Obama has gone down as the worst economic president since the Great Depression. And Obama didn’t have a “magic wand”.

In surveying the elements of power, Most politicians don’t have a clue.  They spend their lives raising money, shaking hands, making promises and living off of American people.  I have just described the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Feinstein, Ryan, Waters, Romney, Harris, Warren, McCain who seem to look out for their legacies instead of looking our for America.

Most all of these folks have positional power but I see none of the above as having any personal power. After all, they’re just politicians who think they are running our country as opposed to serving our country.  Thanks goodness President Trump isn’t a politician!

He believes we need to insure that our southern border is secure.  I have traveled from Big Bend country back to Matamoros at various times when it was safe to travel to the Mexican border towns.  I have hunted all through the border region, and my wife and I used to fly down to Laredo, Texas and cross the border to shop and dine.  But no more. Now, its simply  too dangerous.

The flow of killer drugs across the southern border is almost unabated.   The dangerous narcotic Fentanyl is killing Americans every day.  And we as a nation don’t know who is coming into our country.  The disaster of our open southern border will play out in a terrible way for all of us who care about our country and our freedoms.  We have a measles epidemic in the Northwest now.  That disease was erased many years ago but when we don’t know who is coming into our country the spread of disease will take a terrible toll on families who have played by the rules and stayed in good health.

It is obvious from how Schumer and Pelosi are comporting themselves that they want to disgrace President Trump no matter if our country and our citizens are the victims.

I do care about our nation and put my life on the line for America.  Shame on you  both!

John T. McNabb is vice chairman of the American Leadership Council, co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group.