Senator on ‘most evil’ traffickers: Real immigration problems are south of the border

by WorldTribune Staff, April 29, 2019

Sen. Ron Johnson is looking to shift the immigration debate from the corporate media’s focus on “caged children” to the “evil” cartels and traffickers who control the Mexican side of the border.

“We need to change the narrative in the press,” he said. “We need to change that narrative to the evil people, the true evil people in this equation, which are the human traffickers, and let’s paint the picture that we’re the chumps that are helping these human traffickers put hundreds of millions of dollars in their pocket because we’re too stupid to change the law and actually enforce what we should be enforcing so this doesn’t happen.”

Johnson, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, has just returned from a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border where he found, on the U.S. side, “We’ve learned, and have become pretty efficient, it’s still overwhelming, but we’re pretty darn efficient.”

On the U.S. side of the border, the Wisconsin Republican said, “nothing really shocked me.”

It is on the Mexico side where control of the border is decided, Johnson said.

The Mexican side is “completely controlled by the drug cartels, the human trafficking cartels, the Mexican police, everybody gets their cut. Nobody, nobody comes into America without paying the fee,” Johnson told Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard.

Johnson visited the El Paso, Texas border station where he described seeing how both sides have turned the illegal immigration crisis into an assembly line process that the senator wants ended.

Johnson has held several recent hearings that he thinks have changee the pro-immigration view of his Senate Democratic colleagues. “I’ve seen a sea change” in the Democratic attitude, he said.

“What I’ve been trying to convey, because I think the American people don’t fully understand this, is how effectively the human traffickers, some of the most evil people on the planet, how they are making hundreds of millions of dollars on this, how effectively they are exploiting our laws, using Border Patrol and ICE as part of the process in their conduit,” said Johnson.

The cartels, Johnson said, are using loose immigration and asylum laws to send undocumented immigrants to the “front of the line” right through border gates.

“They don’t have to walk very far. The human traffickers, at least they are nice this way, they transport them up to right across the Border Patrol station in El Paso,” Johnson said. “When the Border Patrol picks them up, no questions asked. They may just out of curiosity. But they immediately go through processing. Again, the system is so overwhelming that they are just moving people through,” he added.

Johnson wants U.S. border officials to have more authority to make faster judgments on asylum claims so that illegal immigrants aren’t released into the country.

“The solution,” he said “is removal.” He said that if enough immigrants, some who pay $10,000 each, are sent home, fewer will try to get in.

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