Sen. Kennedy sharply questions Biden judicial nominee’s claims on police shootings

by WorldTribune Staff, April 28, 2022

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy on Wednesday questioned Joe Biden’s judicial nominees and in particular grilled Nusrat Choudhury about her past claims that “police officers are killing unarmed black men every single day.”

Nusrat Choudhury

Kennedy asked whether Biden’s nominee believes her claims were true. In response, Choudhury initially attempts to dodge the senator’s question before admitting it was a “rhetorical point” made in her “role as an advocate.”

The senator said Choudhury has a record of judicial activism and that he has serious doubts about her impartiality.

“How could someone possibly believe that you are going to be unbiased on the federal bench?,” he asked.

“Your record shows that if a cop shoots a criminal it’s the cop’s fault, and if a criminal shoots a cop it’s the guns fault,” Kennedy said.

For corporate media, Choudhury simply checks the correct boxes.

Most reports out of leftist outlets point to Choudhury as the first Muslim woman to serve as federal judge if, in fact, she is confirmed by the Senate.

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