Scholarly journal adopts Planned Parenthood talking points on pre-teen sex

by WorldTribune Staff, April 9, 2019

A new study by JAMA Pediatrics finds that a significant number of American children are experiencing sex before leaving grammar school.

The study titled “Prevalence of Sexual Initiation Before Age 13 Years Among Male Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States” was published on April 8.

The study found that males losing their virginity prior to turning 13 fluctuates depending upon the race, and to a lesser extent upon the location, of the respondent.

For example, the study said, in Memphis 28 percent of non-Hispanic blacks report sexual intercourse prior to turning 13. Just 3 percent of non-Hispanic whites do. In San Francisco, the black-white difference is 27 percent to 3 percent. Boston (17 percent to nine percent) and San Bernardino (14 percent to nine percent) showed the narrowest differentials by race.

The study’s authors recommend health care practitioners discuss sex with their male patients starting in middle school or earlier.

An offshoot of the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA Pediatrics is not an advocacy publication.

But, “if insisting on the need for adult strangers to talk to adolescents about sex, and enjoy not only immunity from arrest but subsidy from tax dollars, sounds to you like something Planned Parenthood lackeys might say, you might be on to something,” American Spectator columnist Dan Flynn noted.

Flynn pointed out that the two lead authors of the study “work for the Guttmacher Institute,” which was “named for a president of Planned Parenthood and has for most of its existence been a part of Planned Parenthood.”

Flynn pointed out that “The study notes a grant from the JPB Foundation, on whose board Cecille Richards, recently the president of Planned Parenthood, sits. Small world.”

Under “Conflict of interest disclosures,” a postscript to the study reads: “None reported.”

“Growing up too fast represents one of the surest ways to screw up one’s life before it starts,” Flynn wrote. “So, maybe encouraging kids 12 and under not to engage in sexual activity, and emphasizing this in certain locales, seems a wise response to the survey’s findings. Alas, the authors go in a different, and predictable (and, at once, non sequitur-ish), direction.”

The study’s authors wrote: “These findings underscore the need for providing comprehensive sex education that is culturally informed and inclusive before an individual’s first sexual encounter and ensuring that health care practitioners discuss sex with their male patients starting during middle school years or earlier.”

Flynn wrote: “Do Inherit the Wind-type yahoos really block sex education San Francisco? Is that why 27 percent of African American kids in San Francisco lose their virginity before 13, because the city lacks sex education?”

Why does the JAMA journal “publish something by figures with so obvious an ax to grind?” Flynn asked.

See the full study here

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