Scalise withdraws from Speaker race; Jordan in line for gavel?

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News October 13, 2023

Realizing he didn’t have the votes, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has withdrawn as a candidate for speaker of the House.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is now the only declared candidate in the race to replace ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Jordan getting the gavel is not yet a done deal, GOP members reportedly are willing to give Jordan the time to wrangle the votes he needs to take the speakership.

Jordan, who was endorsed for speaker by Donald Trump, scored another key endorsement on Friday morning in Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina, who is chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP’s campaign arm.

Scalise, Louisiana Republican, announced his decision to withdraw following a closed-door meeting with fellow House Republicans Thursday evening.

“If you look at over the last few weeks, if you look at where our conferences there’s still work to be done. Our conference still has to come together and is not there. There are still some people that have their own agendas. And I was very clear we have to have everybody put their agendas on the side and focus on what this country needs. This country is counting on us to come back together,” Scalise said.

Earlier this week, Scalise had won a GOP conference vote over Jordan.

But many Republican members said they would not vote for Scalise on the House floor.

Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina said he was “not surprised” to see Scalise leave the race. He expressed his support for Jordan and said he thinks he can reach the required 217 votes to become speaker.

Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, who supported Jordan in the conference vote, said he remained “committed to doing everything I can to help elect him the next Speaker of the House.”

Scalise said: “This House of Representatives needs a speaker, and we need to open up the House again. But clearly, not everybody is there. And they’re still schisms that have to get resolved. I never came here for a title I’ve had some great titles. I’m the Majority Leader of the House, and I love the job I have.”

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