Russian ‘dossier’? What dossier? On book tour, McCabe not asked, doesn’t tell

by WorldTribune Staff, February 22, 2019

As he makes the rounds to promote his book “The Threat”, disgraced ex-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has presented his dark vision of the Trump presidency with no sniper fire.

McCabe has been allowed to give his assessment of the Russia investigation without ever having to comment on why, in his memoir, he doesn’t even mention the key piece of “evidence” that kicked off the probe – the unverified dossier authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

As of Feb. 20, “on his book tour, McCabe did not have one media question about the dossier,” Rowan Scarborough noted in a Feb. 22 report for The Washington Times.

“The same media handed out a prestigious White House press award to CNN for reporting the dossier’s existence in January 2017.”

Michael Caputo, a Trump campaign adviser, said he isn’t surprised McCabe left the dossier out of his book.

“The dossier is the linchpin of McCabe’s meddling in the 2016 election, and the Russian intelligence information provided to him by the Clinton campaign was central to keeping an important stage of the bogus Trump investigations alive,” Caputo told The Washington Times.

“Now that we know he weaponized FBI investigations to destroy the president and his allies, it doesn’t surprise me at all that he’d like us all to forget the Clinton-Kremlin dossier. The dossier will be his undoing.”

In his book, McCabe makes no mention of the dossier, Steele or Fusion GPS, the investigative firm that hired Steele and which continues to be funded by Democrats to investigate Trump.

“McCabe had at least one key meeting about the dossier in August 2016 as the FBI ramped up an investigation of the Trump campaign,” Scarborough noted. “His close bureau associates, agent Peter Strzok and counsel Lisa Page, also received dossier briefings during the campaign. The trio’s briefer was Justice Department attorney Bruce Ohr. A word search of McCabe’s memoir comes up empty on Ohr.”

Asked why the FBI appears to have put aside the dossier, Nunes spokesman Jack Langer said, “McCabe didn’t mention it because they’re trying to memory-hole it.”

In his 2018 memoir “A Higher Loyalty”, fired FBI Director James Comey downplayed the dossier.

“He wrote briefly about the document, such as the time he briefed President-elect Trump about it in their first meeting,” Scarborough noted. “But on his book tour, Comey said he didn’t know who first briefed him on the dossier’s existence. He said he doesn’t know who funded it and argued that it doesn’t matter.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat and current chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, had praised Steele in 2017 and cited the dossier on many occasions during committee hearings when Republicans controlled the House.

Of the dossier’s dozen or so criminal charges of collusion, none has been proved publicly. No Trump associate has been charged in any conspiracy with Russia.

Among the dossier’s most sensational charges: Trump was a Russian informant for eight years; then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to meet with Kremlin figures and plan a cover-up; and campaign associate Carter Page and campaign chairman Paul Manafort together orchestrated the DNC hacking with Moscow.

No public evidence has surfaced to substantiate those charges. Page and Manafort have never met.

Yet, today, Schiff “has ramped up another Russia investigation. He said he will continue his hunt even if special counsel Robert Mueller finds no collusion,” Scarborough wrote.

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