Ruling class tools against Americans’ right of personal religious conscience: ‘Hijacked churches, moneyed think tanks’

Special to WorldTribune, November 29, 2021

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

As WorldTribune noted Nov. 24, the elitist forces pushing a Brave New Bioengineered Humanity know traditional religion is a barrier that must be overcome.

Rev. Jane Field: ‘We publicly expressed our skepticism about claims that First Amendment rights to religious liberty entitle faith communities to gather without adhering to science-based safety guidelines.’ / Facebook Video Image

Thus the coronavirus vaccine coercion plank of their larger agenda is fixated on weakening the right to personal religious conscience.

Tools of the establishment are being utilized to target religious exemptions. Moneyed think tanks, hijacked churches and prominent universities are openly asserting that religious liberty poses a dire threat to the “common good” in our modern world today and must be squelched.

A couple of recent examples illustrate this ongoing campaign all too well.

The Center for American Progress is a prominent progressive establishment think tank founded by Clinton hatchet man John Podesta and heavily funded by George Soros. As part of its ongoing Religion and Faith Initiative, CAP on Nov. 22 interviewed the Rev. Jane Field, head of the Maine Council of Churches. Field “is an ordained Presbyterian minister who has served Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, and Episcopal congregations in Maine, New York, and Connecticut,” according to the Center. Didn’t there used to be a difference in all these denominations?

The decline of mainline Protestantism notwithstanding, Field’s predominant calling is to carry water for the interests of the ruling establishment. Her views on religious rights in a world of coronavirus social curbs fully prove the charge (bold added throughout this article):

We publicly expressed our skepticism about claims that First Amendment rights to religious liberty entitle faith communities to gather without adhering to science-based safety guidelines. In our opinion, these assertions reflect problematic interpretations of the biblical concepts of freedom and liberty. Ultimately, God frees us to love — not harm — others.

Field reveals just how secular-authoritarian her unique form of Christianity can be. Let the Little Children Come to Big Pharma:

We supported removal of the religious exemption for school vaccinations.

It is not long before the “reverend” tells a flat-out lie:

Even so, I do not think it’s too much to expect that the public and those who make policy could rely on the overwhelming majority of leaders of the world’s mainline religions who have been clear, at least in the case of vaccination: There are no moral, doctrinal, or scriptural grounds in their traditions for exempting a believer from receiving a vaccine that has proven to be safe and effective.

This is manifestly untrue. The Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination in the world, has specifically and repeatedly stated that its adherents have a right to object to the vaccine on moral grounds due to the abortion connection via HEK-293 and that that right must be recognized and respected.

Read what Field said again. She is not just being misleading; this minister is actively engaging in falsehood. She is not alone in this matter. America magazine, the official publication of the modernist, elitist-aligned Jesuit order, has promoted this same lie, falsely declaring that because the Catholic Church has stated Catholics may get the vaccine, that somehow means they are no longer morally able to decline it. In an amazing act of deliberate obfuscation with the intention to deceive, America acknowledges the Vatican’s official stance that vaccines must be voluntary and then explains why “the common good” demands that they in fact be mandatory. This is Jesuit casuistry at its ugliest, twisting words to such ludicrous effect that compelled jabs become the only acceptable moral outcome:

Governmental and institutional authorities, exercising their rationally informed conscientious duty to safeguard the common good, are not obligated to respect the misinformed consciences of individuals who refuse a demonstrably beneficial vaccine when their refusal threatens to impose excessive risks and burdens on not only themselves but their community.

What a horrifying sentence. It perfectly capsulates the easy slide into abject tyranny for the righteous progressive armed with a devotion to “science.”

This is all part of an attempt to subvert and co-opt religion to serve a New Bioengineered Order that is not to be questioned. The mission statement of CAP’s Religion and Faith initiative reads:

Advancing a progressive vision of religious liberty and partnering with faith communities in support of all CAP’s crosscutting priorities

Note, it does not say a “progressive vision of religion.” It ominously says a “progressive vision of religious liberty.” What that boils down to is nothing is to be allowed that goes against the dominant secular zeitgeist.

Zeke Emanuel, who believes Americans have an obligation to participate in biomedical research,  co-wrote the CAP Health Policy Team’s “Comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccine Plan” way back in July 2020. A March 2020 paper put out by the Religion and Faith team is titled “Religious Exemptions During the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Only Worsen the Crisis.” There is no mistaking who God is in the eyes of the Center. The paper openly declares that religion has no right to question public health bureaucrats:

While most faith communities are choosing to follow public health guidance, religious exemptions only encourage some religious entities and leaders to disregard or even openly challenge public health guidance.

A more complete examination of just what progressive religious liberty means can be found in a brazen new Columbia University report titled “Parading the Horribles: The Risks of Expanding Religious Exemptions.”

The title alone spells it out: personal religious conscience is to be seen as a threat to the new society.

The report was released by Columbia Law School’s “Law, Rights and Religion Project.” How scary is this to contemplate? An Ivy League law school has an entire department devoted to curtailing religious freedom in the name of “social justice”:

The Law, Rights and Religion Project is a law and policy think tank based at Columbia Law School that promotes social justice, freedom of religion, and religious plurality. We develop strategic thought leadership on the complex ways in which religious liberty rights interact with other fundamental rights.

The “Parading the Horribles” report feels the need to emphasize: Religious freedom imperils far more than just the leftist cultural agenda:

This article corrects the common misconception that religious exemption measures pose a threat to only a narrow set of issues — namely LGBTQ and reproductive health. The continual expansion of the right to religious exemptions has been granted at the expense of countless rights and liberties of others, far beyond these two issues. By citing real cases, we demonstrate that nearly any law or policy, including those protecting crucial interests like workers’ rights, public health, environmental welfare, emergency response pluralism, may be limited and/or significantly undermined by religious exemptions. Thus, we sideline religious exemptions as solely a “culture war” issue at our own risk.

The jab is duly included in this brazen attack on religious freedom:

Over the past decade, however, the legal right to religious exemptions has vastly expanded, the judiciary has become far more conservative, and large and established religious exemption law firms have taken on new issues, such as fighting for religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Discrimination, in these activists’ minds, means Christian foster agencies refusing to allow children to be placed with homosexual couples or Catholic hospitals refusing to perform abortions.

Lest you think they wield no influence, keep in mind that the Biden administration just revoked a Trump admin-enacted religious exemption for child welfare agencies aimed at protecting Christians in just this manner.

As we’ve seen with so many facets of the Left’s social agenda over the past 50-odd years, any and all opposition is to be ruthlessly otherized and demonized. No other group of Americans has been more stigmatized in this way than traditional religious believers. The New Bioengineered Order is the especially prized technocratic wing of this new humanity being ushered in. Ultimately, the coercion will not be about approving or denying religious exemptions. Your complete acceptance will be required.

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