Reports: ISIL killing injured jihadists, selling organs on black market

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With many of its revenue streams being cut off, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has resorted to killing its injured fighters and selling their organs on the black market, reports say.

The terror organization is suffering a severe budget shortage after losing territory in the southern part of its Iraqi stronghold at Mosul, Iran’s FARS news agency reported.

ISIL jihadists in Mosul, Iraq.
ISIL jihadists in Mosul, Iraq.

Jihadists who are injured in battle are being killed so that their hearts and kidneys can be removed and sold on the black market, the report said.

ISIL is also forcing its prisoners in Mosul jails to donate blood and postpones the execution of those sentenced to death to use their blood as much as possible, according to a report by the Spanish daily El Mondo.

In one hospital in Mosul, medical personnel reported to have seen the corpses of at least 183 people whose organs had been taken out of their bodies.

Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations Mohamed Alhakim said last year that ISIL is trafficking human organs and has executed at least a dozen doctors for failing to go along with the program.

El Mondo also reported that, in Syria, ISIL may be using the organs of its captives for transplantation.

The reports come days after U.S.-based consultancy firm IHS reported that ISIL’s income has dropped by 30 percent over the past year. As it continues to lose territory, the number of people living in areas under ISIL’s control has, since early 2015, dropped from nine million to fewer than six million, the IHS report said.