Reports: China deliberately withheld data, concealed origins of coronavirus

by WorldTribune Staff, April 1, 2020

Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping’s regime concealed the extent and origins of the coronavirus outbreak, reports say.

Researchers from the South China Institute of Technology say the coronavirus ‘probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.’

A classified report submitted to the White House states that China intentionally lowered its reported number of coronavirus cases, Bloomberg reported on April 1, citing three officials familiar with the matter.

The report came one day after Dr. Deborah Birx, response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, suggested that the U.S. response to the pandemic may not have been as effective as possible due to “missing” data from China.

“The medical community interpreted the Chinese data as, this was serious, but smaller than anyone expected,” Birx said. “Because, probably … we were missing a significant amount of the data, now that we see what happened to Italy and we see what happened to Spain.”

One study said that China could have prevented 95 percent of coronavirus infections if it had acted sooner to stem the outbreak.

On March 31, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged nations to be transparent about the information they share regarding the virus.

“I would urge every nation: Do your best to collect the data. Do your best to share that information,” Pompeo said. “We’re doing that.”

Meanwhile, Fox News host Tucker Carlson on March 31 aired a report which said the coronavirus most likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

The report Carlson cited was from Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao of the South China University of Technology. It suggests that the more likely scenario for the virus origin is a leak from a lab.

The report detailed the tracing of COVID-19 to the intermediate horseshoe bat — a bat that the researchers confirmed was not available at the Wuhan wet market and did not live locally. In fact, the report noted that native populations were no closer than 600 miles away from the first known cases, making a natural transmission from bat to human appear more unlikely.

The only place those particular bats existed locally was inside a research facility — which was just several hundred yards from the Wuhan wet market — and the researchers’ ultimate conclusion was that the coronavirus pandemic had likely been the result of a leak from the lab: “The killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

Carlson went on to attack American media outlets for failing to cover the story, in spite of the fact that the report had been publicly available for nearly two months.

“A post on the National Institutes of Health website, written by NIH Director Francis Collins himself, dismisses any such speculation as ‘outrageous.’ Keep in mind, NIH is supposed to be keeping you safe from diseases like this one not running interference for hostile foreign governments. This is how they are spending their time as Americans die in the middle of a global pandemic. And still, no one address the substance of the claims,” Carlson concluded.

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