Reports black man took vacation spark outrage


Outraged Senate Democrats are calling for the investigation of a local black man who allegedly went on vacation without their permission.

“I say, I say, ain’t no black man gonna take no vacation on our watch unless he asks us first!” said Sen. Dick “Foghorn” Durban while chewing a sprig of wheat and gripping the lapels on his frock coat. …

Rep. Nancy Pelosi joined the growing chorus of Democrats demanding answers for whoever let the black man have time off when there was probably lots of work to be done around Washington, D.C.

“Thomeone needth to teath that blackth manth a lessonth,” she said, struggling to speak as she hadn’t found her teeth yet. …

Sources say the man’s vacation included hours of unsanctioned reading, sunbathing, and beach volleyball playing, which Democrats are condemning as “most inappropriate” and “highly irregular.”