Reports: Authorities intent on removing New Zealand whistleblower data from web

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News December 8, 2023

Last week, a man who said he was administrator of New Zealand’s Covid vaccine database revealed an alarming percentage of individuals who received the Covid jab died soon after.

The leak of that data has struck a major nerve and now, reports say, authorities are scouring the web and are intent on removing the data.

Barry Young was arrested soon after his interview with Liz Gunn was posted online.

Netizens are saying the Covid overlords are too late, the information has already been stored on the dark web.

Former candidate for New Zealand parliament Jim Ferguson noted in a post on X:

“Did Jacinda Ardern just order the Data to be deleted?

“Amidst a growing storm of controversy, there’s escalating turmoil within the World Economic Forum and New Zealand’s government circles. Panic appears to have set in as they desperately attempt to shut down any public access to the information.

“This unrest is fueled by a purported leak of sensitive information, allegedly connecting COVID-19 vaccines to a significant upsurge in illness and fatalities in New Zealand. Amidst this chaos, swirling rumors suggest a drastic move: a directive to erase this contentious data.”

The whistleblower, who reports have identified as 56-year-old Barry Young, broke down the numbers by vaccine batches. In batch one, for example, there were 711 people vaccinated and 152 of those, or 21 percent, died soon after.

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Most of the vaccine batches were doses from Pfizer, the whistleblower said.

He also broke down the data by those administering the shots and those receiving them, and the numbers again were alarming.

One vaccinator jabbed 621 individuals. Of those, 104 died, or 17 percent, the whistleblower said.

“This should never happen,” he said, adding that the percentage who die from what would be a normal vaccination administration would be 0.75 percent.

Young was arrested soon after his interview with Liz Gunn was posted online.

He appeared before Wellington District Court judge Andrew Nicholls on Monday.

Young faces one charge of dishonestly accessing Te Whatu Ora databases. The maximum penalty is seven years in prison.

A public gallery full of supporters stood and cheered when Young entered the courtroom, local reports say, prompting the judge to warn: “any more disruption and I’ll ask you to leave.”

A New Zealand vaccine watchdog group on Tuesday posted a warning to anyone who had the whistleblower’s data on their servers.

One response to the post noted: “It’s too late, data is on the dark web .. and its being stored on thousands of servers with help of hackers across the globe … good luck trying to delete it now.”

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