Report: Women looking for mates are lying about their vax status

by WorldTribune Staff, January 6, 2022

Some women who have received the Covid shots say they are lying about their vaccination status for fear of being shunned in the dating scene over issues related to possible birth defects and infertility, a report said.

In a Jan. 4 report, The Covid World cited one man who wished to remain anonymous as saying: “In clubs, they claim they’re NOT vax’d. They say things like ‘Oh Covid is bullshit’ or ‘I don’t want to try this new experimental shot.’ ”

However, the man added, “after going out with them several times, the women finally admit they took the vax . . . and watch as most potential husbands leave them almost on the spot.”

The man added that at least two separate women asked him why he would break off relations with them over something like the jab, and he told them: “I don’t want defective children and I won’t get closer to a girl who lied to my face from the start.”

Even before there were any long-term studies on issues with the vaccine and pregnancy, Big Media and government overlords were adamant that the vaccines were safe for pregnant women.

Kelsey Bolar, a senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum, wrote for The Federalist in September: “There’s little data to assure pregnant women that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for babies in early pregnancy.”

The Covid World noted last month that a member of Ontario’s Parliament, Rick Nicholls, brought up the significant rise of stillbirths among fully vaccinated women in Canada. Nicholls pointed out that, in Waterloo, Ontario, 86 cases of stillbirths had been reported in six months. Typically, that number is five to six per year.

“But now Minister, I shed tears of sorrow. In the Waterloo area, 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July. Normally it’s roughly one stillbirth every two months. But here’s the kicker, mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated, and you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe. What do you say to the doctors who told expecting women it was okay to get fully vaccinated? And what should they tell the mothers who deliver a stillborn baby?”

The Ontario Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, gave the standard reply: “[The vaccine] is safe, it has been tested, we are recommending that women who are pregnant do receive the vaccine for the protection of themselves, protection of their baby as well.”

In September, Public Health Scotland reported a sharp rise in the number of dead newborns. The spike in deaths was so noticeable it triggered an investigation. Although the rate of deaths fluctuates month to month, the figure for September, at 4.9 deaths per 1,000 live births is more than twice the average.

The Covid World concluded:

“For those ‘purebloods‘, the men and women who have managed to last this long and withstand the pressure to get vaccinated, there is widespread expectation that unvaccinated women and unvaccinated sperm will be extremely valuable. Indeed, some have joked that it may be the next Bitcoin.”

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