Report: Video shows Ashli Babbitt tried to stop protesters inside Capitol, not join them

by WorldTribune Staff, January 18, 2022

Video footage from inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 showed that Ashli Babbitt tried to stop protesters from breaching the Speaker’s Lobby, a report said.

The Epoch Times reported on Monday that video shot by John Sullivan, also known as Jayden X, shows Babbitt saying “Stop! No! Don’t! Wait!” as some protesters were vandalizing the doors and breaking windows.

Ashli Babbitt shortly before she confronted Zachary Alam, seen wearing the fur-lined cap. Video shows Alam punched a window a short time later. / Tayler Hansen / Stop Hate–Rumble

“Frame-by-frame video evidence analyzed by The Epoch Times paints a vastly different picture of Babbitt’s actions than that portrayed in media accounts over the past year. News media regularly painted Babbitt as ‘violent,’ a ‘rioter,’ or an ‘insurrectionist’ who was angrily trying to breach the Speaker’s Lobby,” Joseph M. Hanneman wrote for The Epoch Times.

The video shows Babbitt tried to stop the vandals at least four times before she climbed into a broken window and was shot by U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd. “At one point, she was so distressed at the violence, she jumped up and down in frustration,” the report said.

“The reality of it is, Ashli wasn’t a violent person. She was a good person, but they’ve demonized her to become this domestic terrorist that she never has been,” Tayler Hansen, an independent journalist who was feet away from Babbitt when she was shot, told The Epoch Times.

“She served her country for 14 years. That’s just insane to me that they can actually get away with pushing this narrative,” Hansen said. “They’ve done that by suppressing first-hand witnesses like me.”

Hansen said that Babbitt, soon after entering the Capitol building, was speaking with officers from the U.S. Capitol Police and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Babbitt served in the U.S. Air Force as a military police officer.

“About five minutes prior to her getting shot and killed, all of those officers, Officer Yetter and the other officers in the hall, the MPD cops, they were all joking with her and laughing with her,” Hansen said. “They were having conversations and joking and laughing. Then not even five minutes later, Michael Byrd comes and executes her.”

“After repeatedly forcing myself to watch the murder of my wife, I have come to my own conclusion that Ashli came to a point of realization that she was in very bad situation and the police weren’t acting appropriately to what she was witnessing,” Aaron Babbitt told The Epoch Times.

“I know my wife very well. She’s not destructive,” Babbitt said. “She was not there to hurt anybody.”

(View the video here.)

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