Report: Thousands say China-made Covid vaccine gave them leukemia, diabetes

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News March 5, 2024

Some 3,000 Chinese residents who claim to have suffered severe illnesses from China’s coronavirus vaccine signed a petition calling on Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials to take responsibility for their illnesses.

Almost all of the 3,000 petitioners claim to have contracted leukemia and/or Type 1 diabetes after taking the Chinese-made Sinovac Covid shot.

There would have been thousands more to sign the petition, but CCP officials quickly deleted it from social media after it went viral, a representative for the victims, Qian Dalong, told Radio Free Asia.

Qian said communist officials have “set up layers of obstacles to prevent people from speaking” on the vaccine issue. “We have already mailed [the petition] to them. Whether the delegates have a conscience, or dare to take up the issue? We don’t know.”

Qian said he was paralyzed after taking his third dose of Sinovac. His account on the tightly controlled social media platform Weibo was shut down after he described his experiences in a post. He spent a month in detention.

An alleged leaked internal document from the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) to provincial offices in March 2022 suggested there was a significant rise in leukemia cases after the Sinovac vaccine was released.

The document indicated the NHC wanted more data about the leukemia surge and also directed health officials to suppress discussion of the vaccine side effects in the name of preserving “social stability” ahead of the 2022 “Two Sessions” meetings.

Radio Free Asia spoke with an “expert” who asked for anonymity out of “fear of reprisal” who said the claims of injury made by Qian and the other petitioners were plausible.

“In the history of China’s public health, similar incidents have emerged one after another,” the unnamed expert said.

China has had a string of pharmaceutical scandals, many of them involving vaccines. Some of the largest public demonstrations against the communist regime have been spurred by the government’s refusal to address lethal malfeasance from pharma companies.

“The most terrifying thing about this country is not the technical problem. The Chinese government and vaccine companies are bound by interests. There has never been transparent data and credible information. The system is shady, so what defenders are facing is not just a company, but the entire government,” the expert explained.

A group of residents who signed the petition had planned to appear at this week’s “Two Sessions” policy meeting in Beijing.

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