Report: South Korean president approves major missile buildup

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Seoul has approved an ambitious missile upgrade plan for additional 500-600 cruise and ballistic missiles during the next five years, according to a May 22 report in the Chosun Ilbo.

South Korea's Hyunmu-3C cruise missile. /Reuters

“Given the mounting threat of provocations from the North since Kim Jong-Un took power, the [ROK] Defense Ministry reported to President Lee Myung-Bak last month a plan to increase missile capabilities in response to asymmetric threats from the North,” the newspaper cited a South Korean government source as saying.

Leading the acquisition list are the Hyunmu-3 series cruise missiles and Hyunmu-2 ballistic missiles.

These weapons are designed to knock out North Korea’s nuclear facilities, Rodong and Scud missile sites, and other command and control headquarters.

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