Report: Faithfully reborn under Critical Race Theory, South Africa melts down

by WorldTribune Staff, July 31, 2023

At least 100 people have been killed in rioting in South Africa following the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma.

“Rioters have plundered shops and entire shopping malls. When they run out out of normal goods, they steal livestock. When it’s too heavy to carry by hand, they bring a forklift,” Revolver News noted in a July 16 report.

‘As a hyperdiverse multiethnic, multilingual society, South Africa has followed almost every prescription embraced by the globalist ruling class.’ / AP File photo

But what is happening in South Africa is about much more than rioting.

South Africa native Elon Musk tweeted on July 31: “They are openly pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa.”

South Africa’s unemployment rate is at a record 32.6 percent. The country’s unemployment was 32.5 percent in early 2020, before a single Covid lockdown hit. The country’s GDP per capita peaked in 2011 and has fallen by 25 percent since.

“The meltdown in South Africa isn’t a natural disaster or a random fluke. It’s a choice. South Africa was the first modern nation to be re-founded on the anti-white principles of Critical Race Theory, and now it is reaping the whirlwind of that choice.

“South Africa did everything that is being done in America right now. As a hyperdiverse multiethnic, multilingual society, South Africa has followed almost every prescription embraced by the globalist ruling class.”

The report continued: “As South Africa’s CRT-driven economic policies break down, the country is likely to only get more radical. Much of South Africa has fully embraced the ideology of American critical race theory darling Ibram X. Kendi, which holds that if outcomes differ between two racial groups, the only possible cause is racism, and the only possible remedy is direct intervention to correct the ‘injustice.’ The disastrous example of Zimbabwe barely matters.

“As South African society frays apart, the always-dangerous country is returning to the levels of violence seen at the end of apartheid, when onlookers feared full-blown genocide was imminent.”

South Africa was at peak optimism in 2010 when it host the FIFA World Cup men’s tournament.

That optimism is now gone, the report said.

“Despite being warned for years about failing water infrastructure, local governments ignored the problem and now the country has routine, severe water crises. South Africa began experiencing rolling blackouts in 2007, and has battled them ever since. Even the government says the blackouts will likely continue for at least five more years. Hint: Bet your money that they last even longer.”

Those who have the means do to so are fleeing South Africa.

“More than four percent of all deaths are murders, and the murder rate is somehow still rising; last year it rose by 8.4 percent. But it’s not just about day-to-day violence. It’s the expectation for what is to come,” the report said.

South Africa’s dominant African National Congress party has been wracked by corruption and its top rival, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), “is one of the most radical political parties to enjoy representation on Earth,” the report said. “The Economic Freedom Fighters vow to seize white-owned land (without payment), nationalize the banking and mining sectors, and double welfare payments.”

In re-built South Africa, a policy known as Broad Based Black Economic Employment dominates economic policy.

“Despite its name, there is nothing ‘based’ about BBBEE,” the report said. “Instead, the policy uses the same tactics to achieve ‘equity’ that activists in the United States are demanding.”

South Africa’s racial quota laws “fall heaviest on small and up-and-coming businesses, while the largest mega-corporations have the easiest time complying,” the report noted. “If a company is to be politically rewarded for handing out ownership based on race, why not gain even more security and let the politically connected into the ownership caste? If you have to hire unqualified hacks for senior management, why not give the jobs to politicians’ children? Corrupt behavior like this happens even in the best systems.”

As one South African observer notes, in that country it’s by design:

Across state in-house institutions like the South African Revenue Service, the National Prosecuting Authority and the National Intelligence Agency, black-first narratives were used to effect ‘state capture’ which meant shielding those corrupt rent-seekers (black and white) who used BEE deals, slush-funds and tax dodging to fizz their champagne while flattening the rest of us.

In the private sector, BEE is one of many onerous costs of business that the biggest, well-established firms can bear while their up-and-coming competition is hounded off the grid or else simply bankrupted. This creates a winner-take-all economy while the sum of it all shrinks. The Small Business Project’s (SBP) landmark new analysis finds that contrary to former expectations there are not millions of formal Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) but only about 250 000. It also notes that formal SMEs ‘only account for 28% of the jobs’ while, ‘based on international trends, this should be about 60% or 70%’.

The Revolver News report concluded: “For three decades, South Africa has avoided the calamitous implosion suffered by Zimbabwe. But because it has accepted the same basic assumptions about reality, it will soon suffer the same fate. And if America continues down the same path, the path demanded by anti-white doctrines such as Critical Race Theory and other identity politics hustlers, it too will collapse in turn.”

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