Report: Biden (or his body double) is giving Barack Obama fits

by WorldTribune Staff, November 21, 2023

Joe Biden, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, is reportedly giving the man said by many to be pulling all the strings at the White House fits by resisting pressure from within the Democrat Party to get tough with Israel, an analyst said.

In a Nov. 21 analysis, Steve Rodan noted that the original plan was to have Biden be the nominee in 2020 to prevent “another fight between Barack Obama and the Clintons. Biden, surrounded by Obama disciples, would serve only one term, and in the spring of 2024 announce that he would not run again.”

Happier times. Barack Obama is reportedly incensed over Joe Biden’s pro-Israel stance.

Despite his obvious mental and physical deterioration and increasingly awful poll numbers, the 81-year-old Biden has rejected abandoning a run for another term.

The breaking point for Obama and his disciples running the show in the current White House “has now arrived,” Rodan wrote. “Biden has resisted pressure from Obama and his supporters in the administration and Congress to get tough with Israel. Obama sees Biden as way too sympathetic with the Jewish state and reluctant to pressure Israel to an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.”

Questions about whether Joe Biden is calling any shots at the White House have been floated since Jan. 20, 2021. Others are saying that, in a “To Tell the Truth” flashback, that the real Joe Biden can’t stand up at all.

A video (see below) posted to X in July which is making the rounds again claims that a body bag is being wheeled out of the White House and that Joe Biden is in it after having a “heart attack” or “aneurism.” It follows the emergence of other claims that Biden has been replaced by a body double.

Whether he’s deteriorating or already gone, Biden is pissing off the Obama people who support the Palestinians over Israel, Rodan noted.

“Now, Obama is about to push the panic button: Many in his circle see Biden as rebelling against the 2020 understandings that won him the Democratic nomination,” Rodan wrote. “For nearly three years, differences between Biden and Obama were attributed to hissy fits by the former, who did not want to be told what to do. When Biden calmed down or forgot what he was angry about, control … was restored.”

What Obama is said to fear greatly is Biden hitting the campaign trail with a pro-Israel platform.

“On Oct. 23, Obama issued a statement on the Gaza war that clearly placed the blame on Israel,” Rodan noted. “Again, Biden did not pick up the cue. Instead, he spoke of ‘humanitarian pauses’ rather than a hard ceasefire. He undermined (Secretary of State Antony) Blinken by talking directly to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on a daily basis.”

Biden on the 2024 campaign trail, Rodan added, “would more than divide the party: It could prevent Obama from choosing the next presidential candidate, his wife Michelle being the favorite. It could revive the hopes of the Clintons to regain control of the Democrats. It could halt the flow of pro-Iranian money, the primary motivator for not a few Democrats in the House and Senate.”

Obama’s disciples aren’t waiting any longer. They have “launched a full-court press in the media and Democratic Party. Within the pro-Democrat media, the new line is that the 81-year-old Biden is too old and must make it clear that he won’t run again,” Rodan noted.

A recent poll reported that 37 percent of Democrat and independent voters agreed that Biden’s age would make them less likely to vote for him. On Nov. 20, the poll was repeated in Yahoo, which reflects the Democrat leadership, alarmed over Donald Trump returning to the White House.

A Messenger/Harris poll released Tuesday found that 40 percent of Democrats believe Biden should not run for another term, compared to 25 percent of Republicans who say the same for Trump.

Still, Rodan concluded, “it is unlikely that Biden will return to the Obama fold. First, the president — who only has to see Trump — knows that his chances of avoiding prosecution on allegations of corruption and bribery are much greater when he remains in the White House. And even if he eventually decides against running, his hand will be much stronger if he retains that option until the Democratic Convention.

“It’s a game of chicken, and so far Biden is pleased as punch that Obama is sweating.”

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